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How to Transfer Photos from iPad to Personal Computer

Though we know that iTunes have been chosen as the greatest option for copying various types of individual music tracks as well as videos to and from the iPad, and further they gets an individual images which users have saved on the iPad from the Photos app isn’t that an easy tasks. As per as iPad Technical Support suggestions are concerned, often E-mailing each image gets tedious if users have more than two or three images, and they might not want to sync their entire “My photos’ library to the device If they just want a few. Thankfully, there is a solution to it.

How to Transfer Photos from iPad to Personal Computer

Steps to Transfer Photos Form iPad to Personal Computer

Windows 7/Vista

Step 1: Connecting the iPad

• Connection is to be made of the iPad to a computer with the help of USB cord.

Step 2: Working with the “Device” Options

• Windows will then easily recognize the iPad as a hard drive and then AutoPlay may prompt them with the “Device” Options. As suggested by Mac Tech support professionals, simply choose the “Open device to view files,” if it’s the case. Otherwise, one needs to find out the iPad in Windows Explorer.

Step 3: Navigation Message

• Next, simply open up the disk and then navigate to DCIM > 100 Apple section.

Step 4: ‘Save” Option

• Here one will easily find out all the images from the “Saved Photos’ folder.

Windows XP

Step 1: Connecting to the iPad

• Connect your iPad to the computer with the help of USB cord utility.

Step 2: Recognizing the iPad

• Windows XP will easily recognize the iPad as a camera device.
• Click on the “X’ option to dismiss the Auto Play process and then look for the iPad which will appear under the “Scanners and Cameras” option in My Computer.
• When users will try to open the iPad, there they will easily find all the images from the saved photos folder.

The following steps provide an in depth step-by-step walk through how to transfer photos from iPad to personal computer. We are always there to help you out in any unexpected situation caused with you.


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