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Protect Your Apple MacBook Laptop from Cyber Threats

How to Protect Your Apple MacBook Laptop from Cyber Threats?

MacBook devices are highly secured with inbuilt security Features of Mac OS X but it is not necessary, that it is safe from all level of cyber threats. There are few things that can affect its speed and performance or create some other technical problems.

Mac OS X has been upgraded many times with new features but still your Mac could have risk. Actually, third-party software you install increases the risk for Mac laptops. But few tips given below can help you to secure your Mac computers from risk that can affect its performance.

Update and Install Mac OS Software

Apple technicians keep updating the Mac OS X operating system used in MacBook computers. When you get notification to update the existing version, then take MacBook Technical Support and update your Mac OS for better user-interface and security. Updating software or operating system helps to fix bugs and advances security settings.    

Separate User Account for Daily Use

To make your Mac secure, you should create two user account, one for administrator use and another for daily use. Storing files and installing applications through a single account increase the risk of data as well as important software setup. If you need any assistance to create user account, call to Mac Tech Support for instant online help.


Activate Firewall of Mac OS X

Mac OS X has its own firewall that should be enabled which is usually not activated by default. A firewall setting is used to control the Mac network connections that help to block unwelcomed programs to access into your computer system. The settings of Firewall depend on the version of Mac OS X which should be adjusted only with the help of experts.

Disable Auto Open of Downloaded Files

Most of the Mac user’s browser internet through safari browser, which has by default setting of open every file automatically after downloading from the web. Disable this feature to avoid risk of downloading the infected files or adware. Go to Safari preferences and open general to uncheck the box given next to “Open safe files after downloading the files.

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