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A Comprehensive Guide On How To Fix The iPad Won’t Charge Problem

In the current market scenario, the iPad is one of the best tablet available. Due to its big screen, exclusive specifications and various other software features and applications, this device has gained a lot of attention from the users.

Although there are various kinds of industry-leading features and capabilities within the iPad device, even then you can encounter many kinds of errors in this device. One very specific glitch about which we will be discussing in this article is the “iPad won’t charge.

There are many reasons as to why this error occurs after all. Some common reasons are that if there is no charge at all on the iPad device battery, then you can get this issue. Even, if the lightning cable and the charger have any defects in it, then you can encounter this problem. 

Moreover, if the battery software within the iPad malfunctions, then there is a chance for you to face this glitch. Further, if some liquid gets spilled on the iPad, then also you might meet this problem. Read this article and solve this problem in an instant.

Probable Ways to Eradicate the iPad Won’t Charge Issue:

In this section of the article, there will be various methods that will help you to resolve this issue in a simple and efficient manner. Hence, follow the steps below.

Attempt to Start the iPad Once Again

Sometimes, due to some internal problems within the iPad battery application, you can face this error. Now, to get rid of this problem effectively, all you have to do is to start the iPad device once again. Here is the process on how can you achieve it.

  • First, tap the ‘Power’ button at the upper part of the iPad and keep it pressed to start the device.
  • When you see that the Apple logo come up on your screen, then go to the ‘Power’ button.
  • After the boot-up process completes, check whether the iPad is working or not.

Charge the iPad Device

If the previous step on this section is unable to solve the iPad won’t charge issue, then the effective remedy to solve this problem is to charge the tablet. Follow the steps below for the process of charging the iPad device.

  • When the iPad does not have any charge left in its battery, then you can face this problem. Now, the only way to solve this issue is to connect the iPad to the charger.
  • Once the charger is plugged into the wall socket, then let the iPad to charge for about fifteen to thirty minutes.
  • Now, once there is enough charge within the battery of the iPad, then automatically the ‘Apple’ logo will come up on the screen and the device will start.

Perform a Hard Reset on your iPad

If some software within the iPad device crashes due to any reason, then the best possible way to rectify this problem is to perform a hard reset or the force restart. A hard reset process helps the iPad to clear any unnecessary, corrupt data from the RAM or cache memory.

In order to do that, follow the lines provided in this paragraph.

  • First, hit both the ‘Power’ and the ‘Home’ button together.
  • Keep on holding both the Power and Home buttons, even when the lock screen slider is present, for about ten seconds. 
  • After that, the screen will turn into black and then you will get to see the Apple logo.
  • Once the logo appears, then release those two buttons and allow the iPad to start in a normal way.

Inspect the Charger and the Lightning Cable of the iPad

You can meet with this error if either the Lightning cable or the charger of the iPad have any kind of malfunctioning. To remove this issue from occurring again, the best solution is to inspect the lightning cable or the charger for any kind of damage.

Follow these steps underneath to achieve it.

  • First, try to charge the iPad by plugging it with the lightning cable that came with your device. 
  • If this works then not a problem. But if not then, take the lightning cable from some other person and attempt to charge the iPad. If it works., then replace the cable that you have.
  • When the cable that you have does not have any kind of issue, but still this error comes up, then the charger must be at fault. 
  • Now, take some other’s charger and try to charge the device. If that does not work, then the lightning port has some problem. So try to replace the port. Otherwise, replace the charger with a new one.

iPad Fluid or Physical Damage Examination

When you accidentally spill some fluid on or drop the iPad device, then there is a possibility for you to face this problem. The solution to mitigate this issue is to check the iPad thoroughly. Follow the below-mentioned lines to perform this method.

  • First, clean all the ports of the iPad with the lint-free cloth.
  • Now, if there is some fluid on the device, then dry it by wrapping the iPad with a cloth.
  • Next, check if all the physical buttons are working correctly or not.
  • If the device has fallen from a height and there is significant physical damage, then, in that case, replace the iPad itself.

Steps to Start IPad In DFU Mode 

If none of the above steps on this section resolves this issue, then as a last resort all you require to do is to launch the DFU Mode on the iPad. For that, follow the lines that are provided below.

  • First, connect the iPad to the computer. Then locate the iTunes application and double-click on it to launch the same.
  • Before you connect the iPad device, be sure that it is powered off.
  • Next, tap and hold on the ‘Power’ button for three seconds. Then within that time while pressing the ‘Power’ button down, tap and hold the ‘Volume’ down.
  • After that, keep those two buttons pressed for ten seconds until the ‘Apple’ logo comes up.
  • Next, let go off the Power or side button but keep holding the Volume down button for five seconds until the screen becomes black.
  • Once the screen becomes black, it means that the iPad is in the DFU mode.

Concluding Section

In order to get rid of this ‘iPad not charging’ issue easily, all you need is to follow each and every method on the previous section carefully. But, even after following all the steps in the last section, still, you are unable to resolve this problem, then do not worry a bit.

Only provide all the details of the query that you are facing on the comment section below this article and get fixed this issue instantly from an expert.