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Fix Sound Problem on MacBook

How to Fix Sound Problem on MacBook?

Mac systems showing sound problems are very common among the users. Without sound, how will you hear your favorite songs or how you can use voice commands to run various applications controlled by sound system on Mac? Let it fix by trying few effective troubleshooting process to restore the sound settings and other issues.

Check the Volume Control Button

The first and most common mistakes, when a user mute the volume and try to run music files or watch video that not make any noise. Volume button located on right-side of the keyboard on F11 key, press it up and if it doesn’t works then go to menu bar and move the volume slider up. If any issue, get MacBook support for online help.


Check the Headphone you are plugging

Your headphone may also have some problem that can create errors or you will not able to hear the sound on your MacBook. Check whether it is not connected with your Mac, if yes, then you will be not able to hear the sound through open speaker on any Mac device.

Check System Preferences

Go into the system preferences and open sound and click on output tab and also on internal speakers. If in the system preferences output volume is muted, then uncheck the box showing mute button. And also make sure the volume key output volume slider is dragged to extreme right. Adjust these settings carefully to avoid major issues.

Adjust or Reset the SMC Service

System management controller, another important setting you need to reset for listening Mac computers sound output. This is a very important setting you should take help from tech professionals who will do this job better while troubleshooting this problem. To change first shut down your computer disconnect from power cord and wait for few seconds before restarting. Now call to MacBook support phone number+1-855-648-2934 for help.

Reset Parallel Random-Access Machine (PRAM)

You can also try another troubleshooting process that is resetting of PRAM by restarting your computer and pressing keys Command, Option, P, and R and keep them holding down until system restarts and you hear chimes sound. Keep them pressing until rings again and release to complete the PRAM reset process successfully. It will help to improve the performance of RAM and sound output of your MacBook device.

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