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How to Fix Apple Error Code 1671?

The error code 1671 commonly shows up when you try to sync, back up, update, or restore your iPhone, iPad, iPad, or other IOS device with Apple’s Server or through iTunes. This is the most common error code and causes due to various reasons, includes, Incompatible version of iTunes, Usually for lack of renovation, Old operating system, Antivirus without updating or infected by viruses, Too many USB controllers connected to the computer, and the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch connected via a USB HUB too slow, etc. Then do not worry about it, as you can quickly Fix Apple error code 1671, by following the few repair procedures.



Steps to Repair Apple Error Code 1671:-

You can follow the given techniques or steps to easily repair this error problem. Make sure before starting the steps, you should connect your PC to your device.

Step 1: – Disable Antivirus

You have to disable any antivirus programs, which are currently running in the background, and other Antivirus or malware bytes.

Step 2: – Find “Host” File

From Your Windows PC:-

  • You have to need to locate the “Host” file from your Windows PCs, to do follow these steps.
  • First, go to “My Computer” and your C:/ DRIVE.
  • Then go to Windows, then “System 32”, then “Drivers” and then find the “Hosts” file.
  • Once you found the file, then you have to drag your host file to your desktop.
  • Make sure this place, as you will have to put the hosts file back in this same place after you are done with your restore.

From Your Mac Computer:-

  • Drag the “host” file out to your desktop
  • Go to the “Finders” menu bar, and choose “Go”, and then “Go To Folder”.
  • In the Box, you need to type the following location “/private/etc/hosts” and then hit “Enter” key.
  • Next, a new Finder window will open your hosts file which will be chosen.
  • Drag the host’s file into your desktop
  • Remember this place as you will need to put the hosts file back in this same place after you are done with your restore.

Step 3: – Put the “host” file into Original Location

When you are done, assure to go back to the same folder and put the “host” file in its original location (/private/et/hosts) (Steps for Mac computers).

Step 4: – Restore your IOS Device

You will need to open your iTunes and restore your device.

After following the above steps, still you are encountering the same problem, then you should connect with our proficient technical experts to urgent help.



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