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How to Fix Apple Error 30886 ?

If you are receiving an Error Code 30886 when you are trying to connect the printer wireless to the internet on your Mac?  If yes! Want to know how to Fix Apple Error 30886. Then don’t worry about it. According to Mac Technical Support team, this error could be easily solved. Well, when you can’t add the printer and get an Error 30886, then you may need to choose a different option from your window’s toolbar.

Here is the blog will guide you on how to troubleshoot Apple Error 30886- “An error occurred while trying to add the selected printer”.


Steps To Fix Apple Error 30886 :-

Step 1: – Reset the Printing System

  • First of all, go to “System Preferences” on your Mac, and then choose “Print & Scan” option.
  • Then right click on the rectangle listing where your printers show, and there choose “Reset Printing System” option.
  • Then choose the plus sign (+) to re-add a printer.
  • Next, pick up the “Default” tab on the top of your Mac window.
  • Now you have to find for the printer, and choose your printer, and then next to the “Use” pulldown. Choose the printer model (not AirPrint).
  • Wait for a few minutes, until the “Add” button becomes, and then hit on it.
  • Now try to print any document by adding your printer and check the error resolved.

Step 2: – Choose Other Option

Once you choose “File” option, and then “Print” option, so you usually are able to choose your printer from the Printer pop-up menu in the dialog box. But, if the Mac does not appear in the “Add’ Printer window by default, then you have to pick up a different option from your window’s toolbar like a Bluetooth-connected printer. So, click on the Bluetooth icon, and check your printer is connected. If it’s not connected, then you need to continue step3.

Step 3: – Download and Install Printer Drivers

  • You should try to update the latest Printer Drivers for Mac, because it often happens due to the old version of the printer driver. Then you need to reinstall or upgrade to your Printer with a new version of OS X.
  • Then please download the latest printing and scanning software for OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Lion.

After performing all these steps, you can easily troubleshoot Apple Error 30886.

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