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connect your Apple MacBook to TV

How to connect your Apple MacBook to TV?

MacBook computers are built with many amazing features, one of them is connect it with TV and watch your favorite music videos on a bigger screen. The process depends on the Mac series you have and type of connection port in your laptop. Below you can find the right process to connect your MacBook with TV and enjoy a theatrical viewing experience at your home.

Actually, there two main different ways to connect your Apple laptop with your TV, and to establish right connection, contact to MacBook Technical Support and you will get online assistance to carry out this process successfully. But before that you can try the process given below.

Connect Through Display Port Adaptor and HDMI Cable

This is one of the cheapest ways to connect your Mac with TV at low cost. Use a Mini DisplayPort Adaptor and a HDMI cable to connect your television with your Apple laptop that will directly connect your MacBook with large display screen TV.

Put the plug into the socket of thunderbolt socket on the side of MacBook port and MiniDisplay port with HDMI adopter that enables you to plug a HDMI cable at the other end. To compete this connection process you need to have HDMI cable that you have to connect to HDMI adaptor and with MiniDisplayPort to the thunderbolt connection on your Apple MacBook and now plug HDMI cable adaptor with HDMI and then with your television.

The whole process seems complicated for you so you can take help of mac technical support to understand appropriately which plug you have to put in which port. Now, once your laptop in connected with your TV, then you can see the same window of your MacBook displayed on the screen of your TV. And now you can adjust the display resolution through system preferences where you will find two options one for your Mac and another for TV.

Connect your Apple Mac Using a Set-top box

This process is quite easier as even if you don’t any idea of how to connect mac to TV, then also you can easily attach using set top box called apple TV. Using an apple TV device you can connect your mac laptop with your TV and view all the display on the bigger screen. This device is more convenient and practically functional to enjoy the apple OS on the bigger screen with round-the-clock Apple Mac Tech Support for users to solve any type of issue with Mac.

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