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How to Fix Mac Spotlight Not Working Issue?

One of the greatest features that the Mac operating system provides its users is the Spotlight. Once you are addicted to using this Spotlight feature, you will find boring to use a laptop without a Spotlight. If you want to launch an application, retrieve pictures, or browsing something on the internet, just give a command and it will perform all the operations for you. But sometimes, it stops working and Spotlight search not working Mac issue occurs which can frustrate you a lot. Therefore, we are providing you some of the most accurate and productive solutions to this problem. We will also be discussing some problems that arise when Mac Spotlight not working.  

Symptoms of Mac Spotlight Not Working Issue:

There are certain problems that appear in case the spotlight search not working Mac. Some of the most common issues generated are listed below. Go through the full article to know about their solutions.

  1. Icon of the Spotlight search menu appears but the search form of the Spotlight does not appear.
  2. The search form of Spotlight appears but do not provide any search results.
  3. Sometimes, it happens that search is performed but the results produced are very poor and not complete.

Solutions to Perform When Spotlight Search Not Working Mac:

Our technical experts have solved this complex problem in a very easy way. Therefore, if you want to solve this issue with ease, then read all the solutions and apply them carefully.

Method 1: Quit the System UI Server

  1. Go to the Applications, then choose the Utilities option and launch the “Activity Monitor”.
  2. Navigate to the SystemUIServer” process, click on it and then select the red button “Quit Process”.
  3. Following this, after a few seconds, it will start rebuilding its Menubar. After the rebuilding process, Spotlight will start working.

This easy method would have fixed your problem. Hope, you must be using your Spotlight smoothly. However, if this method did not resort your problem, then try out the next method.

Method 2: Manually Rebuild the Spotlight

  1. Go to the Applications folder followed by Utilities. Then, launch the “Terminal bash”.
  2. A command prompt will open. Write the pseudocode “sudo mdutil -E /” exactly the same way as it is written.
  3. It will ask your administrator password as this command needs an administrator’s permission to run. Type your password.
  4. A confirmation message will appear stating “index will be rebuilt”.
  5. Re-building of the index will take some time. Wait for the completion of the process.
  6. Once the on-going process is completed, you can run your Spotlight smoothly.

Method 3: Alter the Screen Resolution

When the icon of the Spotlight search menu appears but the search form of the spotlight does not appear, then you can try to follow the below mentioned instructions:

  1. Click on the Apple menu and go to the “System Preferences”.
  2. Select “Display” from the menu and choose a resolution smaller than the previous one.
  3. Now, go back and choose the resolution that you were using previously.
  4. It will fix the Spotlight search not working Mac issue and you will be able to run it again.

Method 4: Delete Caches and Preferences

Sometimes, clearing the caches and preferences also fixes the problem. Therefore, try to clear all the caches memory and preferences once. It will reset the Spotlight software and it might start working normally. If you want to know the steps of clearing the caches, then follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Launch the Finder window and click on the “Go to folder”.
  2. Write the code exactly the same as “ /Library/Caches/” and tap on the Enter key of the keyboard.
  3. A list of folders will appear in a new window. Delete all the folders.
  4. Your caches and preferences are cleared now. You can use your Spotlight with ease and there is no doubt that it will start working.

Method 5: Restart your Mac

Restarting or rebooting your system is always beneficial. As the restarting of the system fixes almost all the problems. Therefore, we will highly recommend you to restart your system and check if it Mac search not working issue get resolved or not.

In this article, we have already discussed the solutions which will ease up your pain and make things work for you. However, what about if the trouble still showing up from an unnoticed corner? Well, in that case, you always have the option to look up for a professional’s help for overcoming the Spotlight search not working Mac issue from your Mac device completely.