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How to Fix Mac issues by using Activity Monitor

Expert professionals have introduced a new tool to troubleshoot Mac issues and here the blog will guide users to fix Mac issues by using Activity Monitor. As it is seen that no matter how hard we try to keep ourselves aloof from Mac device issues, some or the other way we get trapped in these technical device problems without even knowing. At times, it is seen that your system can dangerously slow down by leaving you frustrated while working on it. Let’s go ahead and concentrate on few tips now to fix the issue.

Steps to Fix Mac issues by using Activity Monitor


Step 1: Access the Utility Folder

• Navigate to the “application folder” first to get access to “utility folder”

Step 2: Activity Monitor

• Next, just double click on “activity monitor”

Step 3: Working with the “Five Tab” Lists

• An app with a list of five tabs and list of entries will change within small amount of time. List of five tabs namely CPU tab, MEMORY tab, ENERGY tab, DISK and NETWORK tab.

Description of “FIVE TAB” lists

• The CPU tab

It signifies that the Mac processor is working fine by letting users know about which all apps are responding faster

• The Memory tab

This tab makes users aware of how what is the amount of RAM being used by the app. It further allows users to choose the most RAM-HUNGRY app and if the device is responding slow then, it permits users to quite working with it

• The Energy Tab

Defines which all apps are using the maximum power

• The Disk Tab

The disk tab informs users about the amount of data being written or read from the Mac drive. This counts as essential information if users are working on servers and further there is a need to keep a proper check input as well as output results.

• The Network Tab

A kind of tab which shows the actual amount of data being entered and how much data is leaving the Mac device over network interfaces for active as well as processing apps.

Apple-Technical-SupportFor further queries of Mac issues we encourage users to get in touch at Mac Customer Support+1-855-648-2934 team and get all your problems resolved instantly.