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How to Fix iTunes Error 0xc000007b?

iTunes Error 0xc000007b is an error code which you may face while you are trying to proceed with the iTunes installation or the updating process or even sometimes when you are trying to use it. And, if you are interested to know the reason behind the iTunes Error 0xc000007b, then you are at the right place. From this article, you will not only get the causes of the error but along with that, the solutions as well, in the following section. The error window will appear with the content message as below:

“The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application.”

What Causes iTunes Error 0xc000007b?

Recently, if you have seen the error message 0xc000007b in a pop-up window and worrying about its causes, then proceed further to the lines below. These below lines are the collections list of the probable causes of the iTunes error 0xc000007b.

  1. Incomplete files associated with the iTunes application on Windows is the main culprit for this error. And, the causes commonly responsible for this glitch are listed below:
  • Slow internet connection: During the downloading process of iTunes, if the internet connection gets unidentifiable, then this can lead to incomplete files of iTunes on Windows. So, before proceeding with the iTunes downloading process, it is recommended to use high-speed internet.
  • Sudden power cut: If the power supply gets cut off in the middle of the iTunes updating or downloading process, then this will make the iTunes files corrupted and results in error 0xc000007b.
  • Antivirus conflict: Most of the time it is found that the antivirus software confliction with iTunes can be a reason for the error 0xc000007b. If this is the case, then you need to identify and disable antivirus at first.

Further to know more steps in order to fix the issue keep reading this article till the ever end.

Methods to Solve iTunes Error 0xc000007b

Are you searching for the complete methods to fix error 0xc000007b? Then you are on the right page. Here are the methods which are not only complete but, as well as, tested by those who have faced the error 0xc000007b previously.

Method 1: Enable Administrative Rights for iTunes

This is one of the easiest workarounds with the help of which you can able to solve iTunes error 0xc000007b. So, look at these steps below at first, to learn, and then try it.

First of all, from the desktop’s screen search for the iTunes icon. After getting the application, right-click on it. Next, from this appearing menu list window, click on ”Run as administrator”. Then, you may visit a pop-up window, asking for the permissions, click on “Yes” to continue. After completing these afore-said steps you may get the error solved. And if not, then try these further methods.

Method 2: Uninstall and Reinstall iTunes

Often it is found that enabling administrative rights for iTunes do not respond in solving the error code 0xc000007b. And, if you have tried and still facing the error then proceed with this one. But, before proceeding with this method remember that it will consume a lot of time to get complete. But, this will surely help you eliminate the risk.

Step 1: Uninstall iTunes Application

At first, open the Run bar window. And to do this, press the Windows button, tap on the letter R (Win+R). Now, on this blinking cursor space on the Run bar type ‘control’. After that, click on OK or hit the Enter button, this will get you the Control Panel window. Now, change the “View by” section of this window into Category, if it is not already. Next, from the list of options on this Control Panel window, click on “Programs”. Next, click on “Programs and Features”, this will pop-up a window, which contains the list of installed programs in the system.

Further, from this available list, search for the iTunes application. As you get it, right-click on it. Next, you will get an option as Uninstall, click on it. Again click on Uninstall, to confirm your action, and to end this task. After that, close all these windows.

Step 2: Delete iTunes Folder from Program Files

After uninstalling the iTunes from Control Panel. Again open the Run bar window, with the use of Windows and the letter R key at the same time. This time on the Run bar enter the path “%programfiles%”, without using quotations. Next, click on the OK button, this will navigate you to the ‘Program Files’. Now, under this list of folders search for the folder which is related to iTunes. After you get it, make a right-click on it and select the Delete option. After that, if a confirmation window opens, then click on the positive reply, to finish this task.

Step 3: Disable Antivirus Software (Optional)

If you want, then you can skip this step. But the reason for including this in this article is that it can help you during the reinstallation process of iTunes. And, the steps to follow for doing this process is based on the antivirus software you are using. But, for most of the antivirus software the steps are as follows:

Firstly, locate the antivirus icon on the taskbar panel. In general, most of the times, the icon is stored in the taskbar tray. The upward arrow symbol which is on the taskbar and is placed near to the right-hand corner is termed as the taskbar tray. As you get the antivirus icon, right-click on it. And then, from this appeared menu list, go to the antivirus shields control section. By doing this, you will get a list of options. From these options, select one, for which period you want to keep the antivirus software in the disabled condition.

As you are done with these above steps, now continue with the steps mentioned further.

Step 4: Launch a Browser and Navigate to the iTunes Downloading Page

Now, open a browser of your choice and make sure that the internet is working properly. And, the best way to verify the internet status, use the browser to run a video song. If you see that the video is playing without an issue, then it means that the internet is working without any fault. After that, using the browser navigate to the iTunes downloading page.

Step 5: Download iTunes and login into your Apple ID

Now, from this iTunes downloading page, identify the iTunes version which is suitable for your device, as well as, the updated one. As you find, click on ‘Download’. Remember that during the iTunes downloading process, no disturbance should occur. Because it may lead to the incomplete downloading files. As iTunes gets downloaded successfully, navigate to its location. After that, click on the iTunes setup files, to install it by following the onscreen instructions.

After installing the iTunes application, open it. And, fill up your Apple account details in the appropriate sections. Next, as you log in into your iTunes account, hopefully,  you can use it without any further error codes like 0xc000007b.

Method 3: Allow iTunes through Windows Firewall

This is another workaround with the help of which you can get the iTunes error 0xc000007b fixed. And, the steps to follow are as follows:

At first, press both the Ctrl and Esc keys altogether, this is an uncommon technique to activate the Windows search bar. Alternatively, just press the Windows key, to get the search bar active. After that, on the search bar type “firewall.cpl”, without quotations. And then, press the Enter button, this will navigate to the Windows Firewall section of the Control Panel window. Now, from the left-hand side panel of this window, click on “Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall”.

Then, at the top portion of this right-hand side, you will get a button as “Change settings”, click on it to continue. Next, under these available options, go to the iTunes section and make the checkboxes active for both the public and private networks. And, for Bonjour make the checkbox active only for the private network. After that, click on “Add a Program Window” and close every single window, to complete this method.

All these above steps will help to get rid of the iTunes error 0xc000007b. After applying the proper methods, you will be able to use the iTunes application for its regular purposes. Now, you can connect your iDevice with Windows via iTunes without any trouble.