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How To Fix iPhone No Service Error?

The error occurs when users are roaming around. This also happens when users get off the plane and switch on their iPhone device. And instead of connecting to a cellular network, their iPhone simply spins its wheels while refusing to connect. Fix iPhone no service error by applying apt solutions available at our end. Our team delivers a huge helping hand with infinite solutions that will serve up as a good advice for users. Well, “No Service message” pops up while the device is unable to connect to a network or is just connecting to its carrier. The problem also affects iPad as well as the iPhone.

Ways to fix iPhone No Service Error are explained below

 iPhone No Service Error


Solution 1: Switch the LTE or 4G into its 3G

To fix the No iPhone no service error, users simply need to toggle the LTE as well as 4G setting to its 3G. In order to make it happen, simply head to Settings>Mobile Data>Mobile Data Options and then, navigate to the “Voice & Data’ icon. Tap on 3G icon. But users need to toggle Airplane Mode by tapping on the little airplane symbol which is located in the Control Center. This is done as it will make your iPhone or iPad to reconnect.

Solution 2: Have a check on the cellular data Settings

Here the very first thing is to ensure that the device is right under your network coverage area. This process is ensured by iPhone Support Number technical experts. Now, conduct a check whether the cellular data is set in “ON’ mode or not? To do it have a check on cellular data status by navigating to the “Settings’ icon and clicking on “Cellular” option. The next step is to tap on “Cellular Data”. If users are traveling then do ensure that data roaming is set to “ON” mode. Navigate to “Settings>Cellular>Data Roaming” to enable the service. To turn off Automatic network/carrier selection, connect to the “Settings>carriers>Turn off Auto carrier selection”

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