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How To Fix The iPhone Disconnected Error During Backup or Restore?

This is one of the most common errors that almost all iPhone or iPad users come across once in a lifetime during backup or restore process. In this guided blog post, we have discussed four best possible solutions to Fix The iPhone Disconnected Error during Backup or Restore. It is possible to restore or backup valuable data using iTunes in Windows PC and MAC and save it from being lost. But sometimes, there are chances that an unexpected error might occur during this procedure hindering or failing the entire backup and restore process.

iTunes could not backup iPhone because the iPhone disconnected | Budget-friendly Solutions

iTunes is a software program developed by Apple for its iOS devices. iTunes helps you in making modification and changes to your Apple devices. It also enables a user to enjoy a lot of amazing features from Apple. Features that include iTune Music, App, Movies, Documentaries etc. You can even perform the “Download”, “Update” and “Backup” function from iTunes on your iOS devices. Often, there is a common error report from the user. User reports on an error message that states iTunes could not backup the iPhone because the iPhone disconnected”.

If you are facing this error report don’t worry, this article will help you resolve the error report with your device.

Why iOS Device Shows “iTunes could not backup the iPhone because the iPhone disconnected”

Often user face a problem while backing up the devices on iCloud with iTunes. This results from a lot of issues related to software and sometimes with the USB cable and ports from the hardware.

Often there are problems with USB cable of the devices which fails to work due to bend and tear of the USB cable. which is why it gets prone to itunes could not backup the iphone because the iphone disconnected issue. Check your USB cable to make sure there are no such issues with your USB cable.

Next, this problem may also arise from the anti-malware program from your system that might interrupt the iTune service. In that case, check your antivirus program. If there are any malicious activities on your system it may corrupt or crumbles the iTune to work properly. In this case, it is recommended to perform a clean check of your system with your antivirus. Next, try performing a clean installation of your iTunes software.

Fix The iPhone Disconnected Error During Backup or Restore

Steps To Resolve “iTunes Could Not Backup The iPhone Because The iPhone Disconnected”| Quick Methods

You can resolve this error report if you follow the following procedures.

  • At first, remove any USB hub in between your connection with the device and the system.
  • Restart your system to make sure any errors with your USB drivers.
  • Check your USB CAbles connecting your device for any loose contact and bend and tear.
  • Next, make sure to check your antivirus program on your system. Check its settings.
  • After that, perform a clean installation of your iTunes.
  • Uninstall the iTune that is loaded on your system, Completely remove it from your system.
  • Download the latest Updated version of iTunes.
  • Perform a clean install and sign in to your iTune account.
  • Next, connect your USB cable with your device and system without any “USB HUB ” access.
  • Now perform the process again your device will get successfully backed up.

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This error message generally appears when you try to connect your iPhone or iPad with your computer or use an original USB cable or forget to jailbreak your iPhone.

Solutions to Troubleshoot “The iPhone Disconnected Error during Backup or Restore”:

Though the most basic solution is to restart your iPhone or iPad thus launching iTunes and backing up your device, here we have discussed several other solutions provided by iPhone Customer Care Number to deal with this error more efficiently.

Solution 1: Resetting of your iPhone or iPad.

Step1: The first and foremost thing you need to do is to create a backup or restore device data on iCloud.

Step2: Go to Settings App -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.

Resetting network settings will not delete data from your device but it will erase connection details like WIFI password, Cellular Details and others.

Solution 2: Changing of the USB Cable

Change the USB cable that you are using to connect your device from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0. Also remove the hub connector between your iPhone and computer and establish a direct connection.

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Solution 3: Deletion of former iTunes backups

As the iTunes backups get old, there are possibilities that they might get corrupted or damaged. Save the old backup somewhere else and clean iTunes. By doing so, iTunes will start storing new backups.

Solution 4: Deactivating iTunes WIFI Sync

Disable the sync option from your iTunes temporarily to get rid of this error.

Solution 5: Restoring Backup

Restore current backups from your iTunes. Connect your iPhone or iPad with computer and launch iTunes to start restore process.

By following any of the above steps, a user will be able to fix the iPhone no connection error at the time of backup or restore.


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