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What to do when iOS 10 Notifications Not Working?

iOS 10 Notifications not working is one of the major problems that you might encounter while using the iPhone or iPad. And, you may note that the notification sounds, vibration, or text displays are not working on your iPhone and henceforth, you are not getting the latest updates from different apps. You don’t need to worry. If you receive this notification problem even after updating to the latest version of iOS, just go through the below fixes which we have inculcated after long research. A lot of users are updating their iOS to the latest version. However, some users get irritated owing to the performance issue and also they encountered certain defects like iOS notifications not functioning. Therefore, patiently follow this article in order to know the possible fixes concerning ‘Notifications not working’ issue.

Smart Hacks to Fix iOS 10 Notifications not Working Issue

After performing thorough research we have enumerated the most efficacious ways to refrain iOS 10 Push Notifications Not Working. Therefore, patiently go through this article.

Fix 1: Switch Off “Do Not Disturb”

If you don’t receive notifications on the iPhone, then you need to examine whether the Do Not Disturb option is turned On or not. If this option remains activated, you won’t get any kind of notifications on your iPhone. Just go through the below steps to eradicate this issue which in turn removes iOS 10 notifications not working problem.

1. Firstly, you have to take a closer look at the half-moon-shaped icon present on the status bar.

2. If you find that icon present on the status bar, then it is obvious that Do Not Disturb button is activated on your iOS device.

3. Next, you need to move to the Settings. After that, you have to switch Off the Do Not Disturb option.

4. You will encounter notifications again and henceforth you should try this. If this is not effective, you need to proceed with the next step.

Fix 2: Permit Notifications for Apps

After upgrading this to new iOS, you might face problems receiving a notification. Then, you need to move to the Settings of your iPhone. After that, you need to examine and troubleshoot the Notifications menu. Then, go through the below steps:

1. First and foremost thing is that you need to move to the Settings.

2. Next, you have to navigate to Notifications.

3. Then, you need to turn On the Allow Notification option.

However, if you don’t encounter any notification for a particular app, then follow the below steps:

  1. Furthermore, you need to move to the Settings.
  2. Next, you need to click on a specific app such as messages or mail.
  3. Thereafter, you should enable alerts as well as banners, so that the notifications get displayed on the lock screen.

Fix 3: Force Restart the iPhone/iPad

If you encounter with iOS 10 no notifications lock screen problems, you should search for some common solutions. Simply, you can restart your iPhone or iPad and detect whether the problems are getting resolved by itself or not. If it doesn’t work out, you have to find something else. The force restart process varies from models to models and henceforth, take a closer look to overcome iOS 10 notifications not working issue.

Fix 4: Force Restart for iPhone 8 and X

1. You need to hit and hold the Sleep button. Also, you have to hold the Volume Down button at the same time.

2. You need to wait for some time, and then the Slider will show up.

3. Next, you need to slide it from left to right in order to close the iPhone.

Fix 5: Force Restart for iPhone 7 and other Models

1. You need to click, as well as, hold the Sleep button. After that, you have to wait until the Slider appears.

2. Next, you need to move the Slider from left to right in order to close the iPhone.

3. Thereafter, you need to close and wait for some time. Next, you need to press and hold the Sleep button in order to turn On the iPhone.

In the majority of the cases, if you restart the iPhone, you can easily overcome this issue. We are not saying that this is the only option. But, in similar cases restarting the iPhone can remove this issue.

Fix 6: Reset Network Settings

If iOS 10 does not put up a notification, you should try to resolve it by proper network reset.

1. You need to move to the Settings option on your iPhone.

2. Next, you need to hit General. Then, you need to move down in order to choose Reset.

3. Thereafter, you need to click on Reset Network settings. Then, provide the passcode, if you receive any popup.

Fix 7: Toggle Allow Notifications and Modify Notification Sounds

This is quite an obvious step to overcome iOS 10 push notification not working issue. Although you have not changed the settings, an update can help you to get rid of this annoying issue. Therefore, you need to check this out. To do so, just follow the below steps.

1. You need to move to the Settings.

2. Then you must choose Notifications.

3. Next, you should enable Allow Notifications and Show On Lock Screen.

4. Then, you need to modify the default sounds.

Fix 8: Sign Out as well as Sign In on every Third-Party App

You can make an attempt to sign out, as well as, a sign back in all third-party applications to evade iOS 10 notifications not working issue.


The above steps will be of much help to the users to overcome problems like not receiving notifications, alarms, not receiving updates, etc. We hope that you will get away with these problems if you follow the tips listed above. However, if you find any better solution feel free to provide that in the comment section. Also, you can refer the user guide for instant help.