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How To Fix Common Apple Email Problems?

Upson thorough investigation, we found that users will suddenly come across a large chunk of emails missing from their inbox at the time when aforesaid issues generates. To Fix Common Apple Email Problems, the most basic thing is to study their exact cause.  The issue may be confined with email from using POP on a computer or on mobile devices other than a normal one? If this is the case then, users may have accidentally downloaded emails to their device machine simultaneously pulling them off of the server.  Let us focus on below email that are common on Apple emails.

Steps to Fix Common Apple Email Problems are as follows

Steps to Fix Common Apple Email Problems

Issue 1: Missing folders from one email client in a webmail

Likely cause: There are two most common possibilities. The first one may be your normal email client is a POP client, and folders are located on local machine. However, the second reason may be users are using an IMAP client normally, but haven’t subscribed to the additional folders in the webmail.

Solution: As suggested by Apple Email Support technicians, do ensure that the folder is actually IMAP folders.  Secondly, make sure that you have subscribed to an additional IMAP folders in a new email client. At last, have a check on your email client’s documentation for specific type of instructions.

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Issue 2: Unable to receive specific emails

Likely cause: The email may itself be triggering a spam filter.

Solution: Perform a check on your spam folder. If users have not subscribed to their Spam folder locally, then, have a check in webmail. As suggested by Apple Email Support technicians, conduct a check with the original sender to see whether they have received a bounceback.  Have a check on your mail logs.

Issue 3: Suddenly disappearing emails especially Yahoo or Hotmail for a few days.

Likely cause: Some large mail providers unexpectedly implement a process known as “gray listing” which delays suspicious emails. So fix it up

Solution: Have a check to ensure that nothing in your email content is hampering a spam filter. Unfortunately, without a solid bounceback, (mt) Media Temple, users won’t be able to do anything concrete about any type of delayed email.

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