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How to Fix Can’t Activate iPhone/iPad Problem After iOS 11 Update?

The error message appears because the iPad cannot be activated because there is a problem which lies with activation process of the server which is temporarily unavailable. Fix Can’t Activate iPhone/iPad Problem After iOS 11 Update with expert guidelines by approaching our expert team who will deliver the most suitable solution. It is suggested to connect the iPad to iTunes and activate it, or simply try the same procedure in a couple of minutes. However, users will notice that the error message is signifying that it should be fixed after the activation server becomes available again. But the issue will still happen to appear after few days.

Steps to Fix Can’t Activate iPhone/iPad Problem After iOS 11 Update:


Fix Can't Activate iPhone/iPad Problem After iOS 11 Update


Step 1: The first and the foremost step is to ensure that users have the latest version of iTunes available with them.

Step 2: Now, try to establish a connection of the iPad to a computer and then perform a data back-up on local mode or via iCloud.

Step 3: As suggested by iPad Support team, disconnect the iPad once the backup is completed.

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Step 4: Press down the “Home and Power button” of the iPad at the same time and try to release it just after the device restarts.

Step 5: Users will be asked to connect the iPad to their computer with the help of USB cable again. An option will be displayed where users will be asked to restore the device and upgrade to iOS 9.3.

Step 6: As iOS 9.3 downloads, this error will appear again but still users need to wait until iOS 9.3 is done.

Step 7: After the download process is completed, there is need to repeat the steps 4  where iPad will restored again.

Step 8: Once done, users will select whether they wish to activate the iPad as a “new” device or to “restore it” from the last backup. Select the new iPad option to format iPad so it is all new and retrieve your data again.

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