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How To Delete Locked Folder On A Mac Device?

Locked files are essential in every manner as users can put control on specific files to prevent it from outsiders. Here we will show how to delete locked folder on a Mac device in easy ways. Users will put restrictions on who can access or edit their file. But, this can sometimes come as a critical task to move ahead with. Advantages such as strong security are useful in this context. Let us move ahead and see what steps are available to eradicate this problem

Delete Locked Folder On A Mac Device
Methods to delete locked folder on a Mac device are

There are various ways to deal with this problem but, here we will explain only one of them. Let us see:

Method 1: Work with the secure empty trash

Before you move ahead, first let us know the difference between trash and “secure” trash. Secure Empty Trash is a security process where various confidential files should not have any indexing process. One should remove them from the hard drive to free up spaces.

  • Here the first step is to choose “Secure Empty Trash’ and remove the option from OSX 10.11+ version.
  • As per as Apple Support technical team, drag all locked file into the trash.
  • Empty your trash in a careful way. To do this, open your trash section which will appear in the finder section. Click to choose “File” icon and select “Secure Empty Trash” button.
  • Users can also access this option with the help of “Ctrl + click > Secure Empty Trash” icon. By now, you will see that the file is no more.

Hope all the above step will help you delete locked folder on a Mac device in a proper manner.

 Delete Locked Folder On A Mac Device

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