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How to Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues in Mac

Here, in this below blog, the steps to troubleshoot Wi-Fi connectivity issues in Mac will be described with appropriate solutions. If it is found that the Mac device is not easily be connected to the Wi-Fi connection, then the issue needs to be fixed on prompt basis. Users are requested to start from correct troubleshooting steps to rectify the actual root cause of the issue and fix them with appropriate solutions.

Steps to Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Connectivity issues in Mac Devices

Step 1: Preparation time

A) Check for Possible Symptoms

Wi-Fi connectivity issue may be related to network problem or is quite possible due to Wi-Fi computer joining issues with that network. If any other computer or even device is able to get an internet connection without any issue then, the Wi-Fi router is probably in a fine condition.

B) Check for Any Software Updates

•  Install all software updates that are available for Mac device.
• Next, users are requested to check for appropriate manufacturer to make sure that it has the latest firmware installed properly. If any update is available then, follow all given manufacturer’s instructions to update the firmware.

• To determine whether your Wi-Fi base station firmware is updated or not, get access to “Updating your software” section.

C) Check for Available Connections

• It is quite possible that networking issues are caused due to disconnected cables. To troubleshoot Wi-Fi connectivity issues, it is advised for users to verify that all Ethernet and power cables are well connected between a modem and a Wi-Fi router. Make sure that both connections are accurately established.

• Checking a particular device such as router and modem; both should be in “on” mode.
• Disconnect and carefully reconnect Ethernet cables.
• Replacement of the damaged Ethernet cable is suggested to resolve this issue

D) Verify for Recommended Settings of The Device

• Restart the network device first

• Powering on the modem for few seconds and then turn it on again to resolve network issues without any extra troubleshooting steps. One may easily contact their ISP in order to restore to resolve issues if found any.

Step 2: Troubleshooting Steps

The symptom may come as “Mac does not connect to the Internet”. To fix this problem, perform all below given procedures:

• First make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is on
• If still Wi-Fi connection issue is not connected then, make sure that the PC is connected to a correct Wi-Fi network. Further if your connection is still not established then, it is advised for users to perform a check of the TCP/IP settings in their Network area of System Preferences.
• Try to connect to the router via Ethernet but make sure that your Mac has Ethernet accessibility.
• Connect an Ethernet cable straight away to the Wi-Fi router from your computer.
• Check for a range to the Wi-Fi router and then reduce the interference effect next.
• At last, try to connect to a different Wi-Fi network.

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MacBook White Screen? How to Easily Fix White Screen on a Mac

If you are affected the problem MacBook White Screen or you want to Fix White Screen on a Mac problem? Then don’t worry about it, you can very easily solve this issue. You can get in touch with our Mac technical experts to fix it immediately.

Here are Steps to Fix White Screen on a Mac


Step 1:- Run SFC/Scan Now Command

• Right-click on Start Menu button and open Command Prompt (Admin)
• Enter the following line and press Enter: sfc/scan now
• Wait until the scan is finished (since the scan is deep, it could last for a while)
• Restart your computer and see if white screen still appears

Step 2:- Scan for Malware and Other Malicious Software

Users who confronted the white screen blunder in Windows frequently said that some sort of vindictive programming created this issue. Apparently, malignant programming begins alongside Windows and it makes your show go totally white. To wipe out this spyware or malware from your framework introduce some outsider against malware programming and output your PC. In the event that it finds the suspicious programming, it will expel it from your PC and you’ll have the capacity to utilize it regularly.

Step 3:-Reboot into Safe Mode

You can simply reboot into Safe Mode on the Mac with a properly timed shift key press. Reboot the Mac as usual, then immediately hold down the SHIFT key, release the SHIFT key when you see the Apple logo and progress bar

Step 4:-Reboot and Repair Disk

The users should try to repair the boot disk through Disk Utility by entering into Recovery Mode, which are following:-

• Reboot the Mac and hold down Command+R to boot into Recovery Mode
• Choose “Disk Utility” from the list of options at the Utilities screen
• Select the hard drive and then go to the “First Aid” tab and choose to run

First Aid and Repair The Mac Drive

If you are still having issues on your PC, then you need connect with our MAC customer support team. Our experienced and qualified Mac technical support professional will help to solve your White Screen on a Mac issues with the best resolution in an instant way. Our Apple customer care professionals are available 24×7 for your help.

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How to use iCloud Drive on Mac, iPad, iPhone?

Here’s how to use iCloud Drive on Mac, iPad, iPhone. iCloud drive lets you store all your files up on Apple’s servers and sync them across all your devices. With the release of MacOS Sierra, iCloud is now getting even more strong syncing capability, by allowing users to sync their documents as well as desktop files across all the devices in an automatic mode. Sync a Mac downloads via an iCloud method to enable your all Apple devices like Mac, iPad, iPhone access to it is now much easier than before as defined by iCloud technical support +1-855-242-5902 (Toll-Free). MacOS on the other hand does not even have an easy solution for automatically sync infinite downloads, but yes there is an easy way to use iCloud Drive on Mac, iPad & iPhone. The best of all is that one don’t needs MacOS Sierra for most of this to function

Steps to Use iCloud Drive on Mac, iPad, iPhone

How to use iCloud Drive on Mac, iPad & iPhone
Step 1: Creation of Latest Download Folder in iCloud Drive

• Creation of a new folder in the iCloud Drive from the Mac device is the very first step here. It can also be defined as “Downloads” — though technically one can name it whatever they want it to be. As suggested by Apple tech support professionals, make sure that the folder is directly accessible after clicking iCloud drive rather than buried as a subfolder.

Step 2: Store your files in iCloud and save space on your device

• One of the easiest ways to move all the files from an old downloads folder into a new one is simply to get access to the folder and tap on the List view icon at the top. Next, simply click the very first item in the list, scroll all the way down and click the last item while holding the Shift button. This will clearly highlight everything in the download section. Next, simply copy and paste into the new iCloud drive folder.

Step 3: Changing the Browser Settings

• Once the folder has been accurately set up, one simply needs to change their browser settings so that every time they download a new file, it automatically will have the capacity to store in the new iCloud drive folder.
• Next, just close the preferences/settings option and then download an image or link in the browser to verify that it’s accurately working.

Step 4. Creation of New Shortcuts

• Once the iCloud drive downloads is functioning as expected, it’s further should be replacing all old downloads shortcuts in the Mac device with new ones.

• Users working with the MacOS Sierra, will probably wish to keep the shortcut under the iCloud Drive section of the sidebar. So dragging all downloads folder over and keeping it with the Desktop and Documents is now an essential part.

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Fix ITunes Error 53

4 Ways To Fix iTunes Error 53 – iTunes Support 8002813707

iTunes as we all know that it is one of the most popular media players among users across the globe. This program is extremely simple and easy to use even for the beginners. But, some or the other way, the media player may come across few critical errors and one among them is known as “error 53”. The error usually appears while the program installation is taking place or may be even due to execution of the program. As per as Apple Technical Support +1-855-242-5902, it is says that the error appears during the system startup or even while shutdown is taking place. So, here the issue is as long as you see the message, it is cent percent assurance that you won’t be able to update or restore your iPhone easily. Because the iTunes Error 53 will always trigger a message “ iTunes has encountered a problem and needs to be closed”. But there is nothing to be worried about it because there are top five solutions jotted down by expert team of Apple department and here it goes:

4 Way to Fix iTunes Error 53 in Apple iPhone Device


Solution 1: Cleaning of All The Available Junk Files

• Each operating system will accumulate a ridiculous quantity of cache as well as log files after some time. Well, if this junk file isn’t periodically cleaned out then iTunes will definitely respond slowly by providing a message which shows a “53 error” message. It further maybe due to unexpected file conflicts or an overburdened hard drive issues. I such cases, simply clean out all the junk files on Windows and other files on the Mac device.

Solution 2: Cleaning of the registry files

• Cleaning the registry is considered as a useful thing every time a user is installing or uninstalling few of the programs. This further helps in speeding up the computer as suggested by Apple Tech Support experts. the process is quite simple and exceptionally beneficial for all users. Clean out all the Registry files on your Mac device to avoid future issues.

Solution 3: Update the iTunes

• iTunes Error 53 can on the other hand relate to the situation where users don’t actually work with the latest iTunes versions available in the market. So, in this case, users need to update the software whenever needed.

To do This, One Needs to Follow the Below Described Steps:

a) Open the iTunes software first
b) Choose the iTunes from the menu bar mext
c) Click on the “Check for updates” icon for installing all the latest updates
d) Follow a few given simple steps to install the iTunes latest versions

Solution 4: Update the Windows Device

• Microsoft is every now and then performs the update to improve the system file performance that could be easily be related to Error 53. Updating Windows will improve the computer’s performance and remove all system errors. To do this, one needs to perform the following steps given below:

a) Click on the Start button to proceed with the process
b) Into the search box, simply type the update message and then press the “Enter” button
c) Once the Windows Update box is visible, just choose the Install Updates option.

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Get in touch with our Apple iTunes Technical Support expert to resolve your issues at a go. We promise to accompany the best available market solutions at your doorstep Just Call Toll-Free- +1-855-242-5902.

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How To Resolve Apple ID Locked Or Disabled Issue?

Here we provide solution for resolve Apple id locked or disabled issue? Well, if someone unfortunately tries to hack into the user’s Apple account by entering the password incorrectly infinite times, or even giving various wrong answers to your security questions, Apple will further easily recognize the attack and will entirely lock your Apple ID. As researched by Apple customer support team, it’s a good sign because it signifies that an attacker can’t anyway gain access to the user’s Apple ID to avoid allowing them get into a user’s iCloud email, iMessages as well as Face Time. However, it may often happen that it’s not a hacker who is trying to get access to your account, sometimes it’s only we who is getting our self locked out of the account because we have forgotten the password.

Solutions to Resolve “Apple ID Locked Or Disabled Issue-

Solution 1: Unlock the Apple ID

Unlock the Apple ID

Whatever the reason for Apple’s disabling the account is, there is every possibility to get back into it. One simply needs to follow all these below mentioned tricks to recover their account and create a new password.

• Go to the section
• Enter the Apple ID which will usually be the email address associated with the user’s Apple account.
• A professional team of Mac tech support experts have suggested to enter the Code to prove that a particular user isn’t a robot.
• Click on the “Continue” button

Solution 2: This Phase is Based on the Security Process


• If you are working with the set up two-factor authentication then it is quite possible for users to receive a code on a trusted device or as a text message on the phone. Users are required to enter the verification code before unlocking their account and changing the password.
• If anyone is working with older two-step verification process, then a recovery key is needed that was sent to them while setting up two-step verification process in addition to a code sent to a trusted device.
• Well, if a user haven’t set up either of the above methods for security purposes then one needs to unlock the account by using their password, or simply has to answer few provided security questions at the some point.

Fix your Apple id disabledissues with expert Apple id technical support team +1-855-242-5902 and get all your headache resolved at a go.


How to Transfer Photos from iPad to Personal Computer

Though we know that iTunes have been chosen as the greatest option for copying various types of individual music tracks as well as videos to and from the iPad, and further they gets an individual images which users have saved on the iPad from the Photos app isn’t that an easy tasks. As per as iPad Technical Support suggestions are concerned, often E-mailing each image gets tedious if users have more than two or three images, and they might not want to sync their entire “My photos’ library to the device If they just want a few. Thankfully, there is a solution to it.

How to Transfer Photos from iPad to Personal Computer

Steps to Transfer Photos Form iPad to Personal Computer

Windows 7/Vista

Step 1: Connecting the iPad

• Connection is to be made of the iPad to a computer with the help of USB cord.

Step 2: Working with the “Device” Options

• Windows will then easily recognize the iPad as a hard drive and then AutoPlay may prompt them with the “Device” Options. As suggested by Mac Tech support professionals, simply choose the “Open device to view files,” if it’s the case. Otherwise, one needs to find out the iPad in Windows Explorer.

Step 3: Navigation Message

• Next, simply open up the disk and then navigate to DCIM > 100 Apple section.

Step 4: ‘Save” Option

• Here one will easily find out all the images from the “Saved Photos’ folder.

Windows XP

Step 1: Connecting to the iPad

• Connect your iPad to the computer with the help of USB cord utility.

Step 2: Recognizing the iPad

• Windows XP will easily recognize the iPad as a camera device.
• Click on the “X’ option to dismiss the Auto Play process and then look for the iPad which will appear under the “Scanners and Cameras” option in My Computer.
• When users will try to open the iPad, there they will easily find all the images from the saved photos folder.

The following steps provide an in depth step-by-step walk through how to transfer photos from iPad to personal computer. We are always there to help you out in any unexpected situation caused with you.



How To Set Up VNC Server built into Mac OS X?

This guide explains the installation and configuration of a VNC server on Ubuntu 14.04 server. So, are you in a need to control an Apple computer which is running OS X 10.4 Tiger or OS X 10.5 Leopard from a remote basis? Well, that’s the purpose of a VNC. Below are few steps how to set up VNC server built into Mac OS X by the Apple Mac OS X support department to make users understand about setting up of VNC on Mac OSX operating system.


Step by step guidance as described by apple OS X support experts:

  • The very first is all about understanding the definition of a VNC which stands for Virtual Network Computing.
  • Know everything about its purpose: VNC directly allows users to remotely send keyboard as well as mouse input across the network and the internet from one computer to another.
  • This is stated as per as Mac OS x technical support team is concerned. Not only this, a viewer can even view exactly what all is happening on the other computer.
  • Understand its working process: You will see that most of the times terms when a user is trying to connect to a remote machine via a VNC process, he/she might see in a window the other screen of the remote machine and yes they are able to control it whether they were available in front of it or not.
  • At last, there should be basic understanding of the components:
  • The Server: Well, the VNC server is a type of computer whose screen you wish to share. This computer will further run the server software by allowing other computers to connect as well as to control it.
  • The Client: A VNC client is defined as any of the computer connecting to and taking an immediate control of a server.
  • The Protocol: The protocol is used for the purpose of the communication between the clients as well the server.

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We are chosen as a highly advanced MAC OS X Customer Support professionals who promise to work with the most recent tools as well as advanced level technologies to inspect your PC whether it’s working fine or nor? Having progressive years of tech support experience, ours is an expert professionals who are always ready to troubleshoot all types of issues to promise users in delivering an assured success related to their problem.

Extraordinary services are decidedly collective in our tech support solutions which are delivered by our expert professionals guaranteeing an inclusive customer contentment and a great peace of mind.

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How to fix Bluetooth Not Available on MacBook

How to Fix Bluetooth Not Available Error on a MacBook?

Bluetooth helps to connect Mac with other devices for transferring various types of files wirelessly. But if it is not working or showing a problem while using in your MacBook how you will share data to other devices using this wireless technology.

Actually, there are multiple reasons that can cause Bluetooth related issues in MacBook devices. And you may encounter random appearance and disappearance of Bluetooth functionality even after rebooting your system.

When you try to open Bluetooth menu of Mac OS X you will find “Bluetooth Not Available” error displaying on your screen and sometimes “No Information found” also appears there through hardware system profiler. And situation becomes critical when Bluetooth frequently disconnects from our MacBook which can be solved by following troubleshooting process.



Remove Bluetooth from System and Shutdown Your Mac

Go to Bluetooth plist file under system preferences and delete “” permanently from your MacBook system. You can also use shortcut Command+Shift+G through OS X finder where you will find the “” that should be deleted to install new one. However, if you face any kind of technical problem you can take MacBook tech support help for quick online assistance at your desk.

Reboot Mac SMC on Your System

Now reset the SMC that stands for “System Management Controller” which may affect other hardware settings and power functions, which is also use to solve other hardware issues. Now shutdown your Mac properly and remove battery and connected adapter. If you have MacBook Air get MacBook Air support to perform this action.

To boot your Mac as normal mode hold down the power button for less than half minutes and then place the battery and adapter in right manner. If your MacBook battery is non-removable you can shut down your Mac while pressing Control+Shift+Option+power button together for at least two seconds before releasing all of them.

Reset Power Functions or PRAM

Similarly you have to reset PRAM by pressing power button then hold down Command+Option+P+R keys simultaneously till you receive the computer sound two times. The processes of resetting of these functions are slightly different as per the hardware configurations of different MacBook devices.



MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iMac all have minor differences to complete this process. However, despite all these efforts if your Bluetooth is not working properly or you are unable to fix Bluetooth Not Available Error, you can get MacBook Technical Support to check the problem at professional level, perhaps there is could be hardware problem affecting it.