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Forbidden Error 403

How to Fix Forbidden Error 403 on Safari?

Forbidden Error Code 403 on Safari mostly appears when an accessed webpage is completely forbidden due to some reason. There is nothing to be worried about as in this blog post we have described best possible procedures to Fix Forbidden Error 403 on Safari in meantime possible. Error code 403 is generally an HTTP Status Code which might appear on several occasions inside the browser window.

While surfing on Internet Explorer, the 403 error message occurs as “this website declined to show this webpage” or sometimes while opening a link through Microsoft Word, this error message might appear. While updating Windows, one might experience this error too.

Fix Forbidden Error 403 on Safari

Solutions to Troubleshoot Forbidden Error 403 on Safari:

In this guided walk through, with the help of our Safari Technical Support team, we have discussed several possible procedures to troubleshoot this error without much effort and time. Follow the below mentioned steps to get rid of this error anytime soon.

Solution 1: The first and foremost thing you need to make sure that the typed URL is correct and also specify actual webpage file name and extension. When a user tries directory browsing, this error message is normal to occur.

Solution 2: Clear the browser’s Cache you are using currently. Cached version of page boosts this error to appear.

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Solution 3: Clear Browser’s cookies. The forbidden error code 403 on safari occurs also when there is an interference of cookies in obtaining the process.

Solution 4: Contact the website directly. If you are the one is facing the error on a particular website, it is advisable to connect with the Website directly to inform them about the issue you are facing.

Solution 5: Check you Internet Connectivity or connect with the Internet Service Provider to check the website is in working state for others.

Solution 6: There might be some temporary problem on the webpage. So it is better to come back later until the problem is fixed.

By following any of the above steps, you will be able to fix this 403 error in meantime. But in case the issue still persists, connect with our technical support team.


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Fix Apple Safari Error

How to Fix Apple Safari Error 268d4?

If you are using an Apple Mac OS X, and you are getting an error message that “Your Browser Has Been Blocked Up for Safety Reasons” so don’t worry about it. This notification is related to your web browsers, such as Safari, Firefox or Chrome. Well, the Apple users can easily Fix Apple Error 268d4, by using the same procedure. Error 268D4 popup is usually defined as a safe domain and surely it will assist you to clean your Computer/Laptop surroundings so that your system will be well sheltered.

Fix Apple Safari Error 268d4 is occurred due to various causes, includes Excessive of banner ads, text ads, and spam alert popups, slow operation responding & sluggish system performance, system crash due to the over the use of CPU, not permitted to change homepage and search engine, malicious programs, etc.

Step-by-step instruction to Fix Apple Error 268d4.

How to Fix Apple Safari Error 268d4

Method 1: – Manually remove Error

For Microsoft Internet Explorer:-

  • First, run the Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Then hit the “Tools” and then hit on “Manage Add-ons”.
  • Go to “Toolbars and Extensions” tab.
  • Then right click on the error and then choose “Disable” option to stop it running.

For Mozilla Firefox:-

  • First, click “Firefox” button at the upper left corner of the browser.
  • Now you require hitting on “Add-ons” and then hitting on “Extensions”.
  • Find the Error 268D4 from the extension list and then tap on “Remove” button to eliminate it.
  • Go to Plugins, and choose “Disable” option.

For Google Chrome:-

  • First, you have to run the Google Chrome firstly.
  • Then hit on “Customize”, then “Tools”, and then “go to Extensions”.
  • Find Error and then hit on the “Recycling Bin” to eliminate it.

Method 2: – Using Mackeeper to revive issue

  • First of all, download MacKeeper on your machine.
  • Then double-click “MacKeeper.3.10.2.pkg” and follow on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • In “System Status” tab, you have to run a Scan to detect pop-up malware.
  • Then click on the “Fix items safely” in order to clean up all infections.

 Method 3: -End Malicious Process Your Web Browser

  • First of all, open Windows Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys together”, in order to resolve the error.
  • Then find out the process related pop-up and then hit on “End Process. T
  • Let it check the after performing all the above steps,

Method 4: – Remove from Mac

  • In the Mac, go to open “Finder” and then hit on “Applications”.
  • Then you have to find there is any, and if have any then click on it and choose “Move” to “Trash” or drag the from the Applications folder to the Trash.
  • Next, scroll through the all list, and move to trash any unknown applications. ‘
  • Choose “Finder” and then “Empty Trash”.

Method 5: – Remove Extensions from Web Browser

  • The users need to disable or Remove the nasty extensions that have installed in their web browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

After performing all the above steps, surely you can troubleshoot Apple Error 268d4.




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Safari Browser Support

How To Fix Apple Safari Browser Not Working Issue?

Apple Safari Browser Not Working gets slow and stops responding, due to various reasons. Apple Safari is one of the excellent and fastest web browser, which provided by Apple. It has various qualitative features and simply accessible for the users. But sometimes. If you are also experiencing the same issue and want to, and you irritated with this problem, and want to solve it immediately, then you try the following below methods to fix it.

Methods to Fix Apple Safari Browser Not Working:-


Method 1: Check the Add-Ons And Plug-in

You should try to remove the add-ons and plug-ins, that would be very helpful to quit solve this issue.

Follow These Steps:-

• First, open up the library folders.
• Then open the “Go to the Folder” option.
• Next, you need to type Library and press on the “Go” button.
• Now open up the “Library folder” by holding option.
• The library folder contains internet plug-ins, input method, manages & scripting additions
• Now, remove the files from the folders & fix your issue.

Method 2: Turn off the Extensions

• Go to the menu of Safari browser. Then hit on “Preferences” option.
• Choose the “extension” icon and then hit on “extension”.
• Then, you have needed to put off extension by put off the active checkbox.

Method 3: Disable the Proxy

You should try to verify your proxy and disable it for some time; maybe it will help you to fix your issue.

Method 4: Disable the caches and cookies

You have required to disabling the caches and cookies, might it help to solve your problem, and then Safari will start working smoothly.

Method 5: Check Internet Connection

Make sure your Internet Connection is working or not, maybe it is creating problem for you to access the Apple Safari Browser.


If you need any further help & support associated the above steps or other kinds of Apple Safari browser, then you should please feel free to connect with our Apple Safari Customer Support +1-855-242-5902 team for immediate guidance. Our technical experts are available 24×7 and 365 days for assistance.


Top Features Of Safari Technology Preview 25

Apple launches the Top Features Of Safari Technology Preview 25 to show developers the latest web technologies destined for stable release. Apple recently has released a new update for Safari browser which is Safari Technology 25 with all types of bugs and fixes. This new experimental Apple browser was first introduced one year ago in March of 2016. The new Safari Technology is designed to test various latest features that may be introduced into future release versions of Safari.

Top Features Of Safari Technology Preview 25

Top Features of Safari Technology preview 25

1: As per as Safari Browser technical support expert technicians, Safari Technology Preview release 25 comes with advanced fixes and improvements for Resource Timing, User Timing, Web Crypto, Web API, Web Inspector, CSS, Rendering, and Media sections. This update comes with advanced level Resource Timing feature which is by-default mode.

2: The Safari Technology Preview update is further available via Software Update mechanism process in the Mac App Store for anyone who wishes to download the browser for their work purpose. You will get to access its full release notes for the available update on the Safari Technology Preview website.

3: Apple’s further motive with the Safari Technology Preview is simply to gather a strong feedback from developers as well as users for its browser development process as founded by Safari tech support professionals. Safari Technology Preview possesses full capability to run simultaneously with the entire existing Safari browser feature which is designed for developers; and it does not require a developer account to download.

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install Safari Browser

How to Install Safari Browser in Mac

Apple Safari internet browser is a popular web browser and is bundled with the Mac OS X. It can also be available at Mac App Store. This is a lightweight web browser and offers its end-users seamless browsing experience along with many types of features like energy efficiency, fast speed, seamless working with the iCloud, and native support for Netflix, JavaScript engine optimizations and much more.

The right and correct steps or instructions to download and install Safari browser for MS Windows and the Mac OS X are given below. For more information, contact Mac Technical Support. You need to follow these instructions in the correct order to download and install the Apple Safari web browser on your MS Windows or Mac computer.

How to Install Safari Browser in Mac

Here are Steps to Install Safari Browser in Mac

  • Go to
  • The next step is to click at “Safari Free Download”
  • Here select your operating system version.
  • Then click at “Download Now”
  • You need to run the installer.
  • On Apple Mac Computer, you require to drag this tool to your dock.
  • In MS Windows computer, you can download the Safari Browser for MS Windows OS from the internet and then install it correctly to surf the internet by using this web browser.
  • The next step is to launch this application.
  • Congratulations! now surf the web in a faster way by using this browser.

Why You Should Choose Safari Browser Technical Support?

Our Services as Safari Help include:

  • Windows Installation and update issues
  • Resolving Safari Errors and crashes
  • Resolving issues with web page display
  • Dealing with software complexities and compatibility issues
  • Giving more information about the product
  • Resolving Android based issues
  • Helping to uninstall Safari
  • General Troubleshooting
  • Any other issue

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How to Delete Cookies Using Safari Browser

How to Delete Cookies Using Safari Web Browser?

There are actually a few ways to Delete Cookies Using Safari Web Browser on Mac OS X. Web browsers saves small files named “cookies” carrying user data such as usernames and passwords. Because of the privacy reasons, you require to delete these cookies from your Safari internet browser. For more information regarding this, please contact Apple Safari Help.

Here We Provided The Step by Step Methods to Remove the Cookies From Your Safari Internet Browser.

How to Delete Cookies Using Safari Web Browser

Method 1: Switch Off The Ethernet or Wi-Fi

  • Switch off the Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.
  • The next step is to click at Safari, from there click on Preferences, then Privacy and finally “Remove” to delete all the website data.
  • You need to click at Safari and next click at Reset Safari to delete history/cache and then exit from the Safari.
  • Also switch on the Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.
  • The final step is to reboot the Safari web browser.

Method 2: Safari 5.1 (For Lion and Snow Leopard)

  • Choose “Preferences” in the Safari menu.
  • In the “Privacy” tab, choose “Details”
  • The next step is to choose “Remove all”.
  • If you want to remove the cookies of some select websites, then highlight those websites and click at “Remove”.
  • The final step is to click on “Done” and exit from the dialog box.

Method 3: Permanently Removing Cookies

  • Choose “Preferences” in the Safari menu.
  • In “Security” tab, choose “Show Cookies”.
  • The next step is to choose “Remove All”.
  • View the confirmation message and click at “Remove”.
  • The final step is to click at “Done” and exit from the dialogue box.

Fix your Issues with our Safari Browser Customer Support Professionals

If you are stuck at certain issue and unable to solve it, then without worrying much, you simply need to approach Apple Technical Support Service department to get resolved all your issues at a go. Dial Apple support number +1-855-242-5902 any time, round the clock for quick online assistance for all the technical issues related to the Apple Mac computers.

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Block Cookies in Safari Browser

How to Block Cookies in Safari Browser?

Cookies stored on safari browsers helps to retrieve your information every time you visit a website like online shopping and other websites. Sometimes it’s helpful but also disclosing your personal identity that is not favorable from privacy perspective. However, if you don’t want to share such personal information and intend to control cookies on your Safari browser, then read below the right steps discussed to block cookies in Safari browser.

To control cookies in Safari browser, you can use shortcut key by pressing the command+ and Comma key at the same time. Either go to Safari preferences where a tab called privacy appears that will allow you to control cookies settings on your Safari browser. If you not find this call to safari browser support and get quick help.

How to Block Cookies in Safari Browser   

Change Cookies Settings as per preference

All the Mac devices come with pre-installed safari browser and by default Safari browser cookies from the various website you visit while web surfing. Safari browser allows cookies from sites but also stops third-party contents that are linked in these sites from saving cookies on your computer. But you can choose from various options to control these privacy settings. Choose always block, allow from current site only or always allow as per your choice.

Change Websites Not to Track Me Settings

Now close the preferences windows and your settings will be applied. Now change safari preferences menu in safari browser tracking. You have to check the “Ask websites not track me” option to show sites and their third-party contents providers not to keep track record of your browsing actions through other tools. Now your safari browser is set to not track or send any browsing history or site visit and keep your surfing more safe and private.


However, despite all these efforts if you not able to block cookies on your Mac device, you can call to Safari technical support phone number +1-855-242-5902 and get online assistance to deal with the matter remotely. Apple Mac Support Number offers online help for safari issues. Technicians will adjust the settings remotely with complete safety.