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How To Stream Media from iPhone to PS3 Without Jailbreaking?

Between the AirPlay and the Apple TV, streaming media content from iPhone toTV has is simple. But those who don’t have Apple TV, the tasks are tough. The blog will guide How to Stream Media from iPhone to PS3 Without Jailbreaking. For better guidance, connect to iPhone Customer Support Number. However, the process seems to be easy with a Sony PS3 system. But how users are gonna do it without jailbreaking. Using the iMediaShare application, one can easily use their iPhone to sling music, pictures, as well as videos to the PS3 with ease. Some of the users may have already heard of the program, but for those who have not, are a game changer for them.

Here are Steps to Stream Media from iPhone to PS3 without Jailbreaking

As long users have a wireless network setup in their home, an iOS device as well as a PS3 can easily access the iMedia Share to stream media to the TV set in a wireless mode. It’s extremely simple for users to understand and work with it.  Below are guidelines written by iPhone Customer Service Professionals to Perform Streaming process to PS3:

Stream Media From iPhone To PS3 Without Jailbreaking


Step 1: Download the iMediaShare from the App Store which is available to users absolutely free and then, launch it.

Step 2: Turn on the PS3 media while ensuring that the iOS device is working on the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 3: Now, the iDevice will pop up on the PS3 just under the Music, Video as well as Photo Gallery sections.

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Step 4: Users are however requested to navigate through the content on either with PS3 or by using the iMediaShare app.

Step 5: In this last step, it is advised for users to select the type of media which they wish to stream. Now, enjoy the service.


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How to Fix Apple Music Error Code 12894?

Are you getting Apple Music Error Code 12894 when you trying to play certain songs on your Apple Device like iPod/iPad/iPhone? Then don’t worry about it, you can Fix Apple Music Error 12894 with the easy solutions by approaching experts help dialing at Apple Technical Support. Sometimes, when you connect your iOS device to the Mac computer to transfer some music files through iTunes, you may get it’s an unknown error occurred (-12894)”. Means, it is a common error issue in your Apple Music, but it may harm the device data very badly. Therefore, you should go through the steps that given here to fix the issue. Well, the common causes of the Apple Music Error 12894, include as cloud music library, internet disconnection, malicious files installed, damaged device drivers, misconfigured Mac file system, etc.

Steps to Fix Apple Music Error code 12894:-

Fix Apple Music Error Code 12894

Step 1:- Verify Cable

First of all, check the damaging of the cable through which the computer and the iOS device are connected.

Step 2:-Check the Internet Connection

Replace the iTunes if incompatible or outdated.

Step 3:-Repair the Misconfigured Mac File System

Then you need to repair the Misconfigured Mac File System

Step 4:- Reinstall the Program

Then you have reinstalled the apps and programs again.

Step 5:- Reinstall the Mac OS X

You can also conduct a clean reinstallation of the Mac OS X.

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Step 6:- Verify Latest Version of iTunes

Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes.

Step 7:- Restarts your Device

Then you need to force restarts your device.

Step 8:- Back into your Apple Music

Now, sign out and back into your Apple Music account.

Step 9:- Enable iCloud Music Library

Then go to “Settings”, then “Music and enable iCloud Music Library”.

Next, click “Merge” when a message pops up.

After performing the steps, definitely, your problem will resolve. But, in case if it still remains same, then please contact Apple technical support team to get help.

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Fix iTunes Error 17

How to Fix iTunes Error 17?

iTunes error 17 occurs while upgrading and while restoring the iOS device in iTunes. This is quite an annoying technical error caused due to bad connectivity issues. iTunes error 17 comes with many similarities to those of other iTunes error, which too occurs while trying to restore iOS devices. This is the most crucial error described by professionals while we try to connect iPhone to iTunes for updating or even for restoring via Mac devices. We are introducing here top four solutions to fix iTunes error 17. Let’s move ahead now.

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How to Fix iTunes Error 17

Steps to troubleshoot iTunes error 17 

Solution 1: Check for network issues

  • If you are faced with unstable or zero internet connectivity problem then, it will completely disable iTunes when you are trying to connect and download the IPSW file from Apple’s server. As a matter of fact, iTunes will generate an error message of code 17. But if it found that the network is working fine then, move on to next step for resolving the matter.

Solution 2: Try to disable the Firewall or any Anti-virus Software running on the system

  • It is often possible that due to execution process of any firewall or anti-virus software on the computer, it can prevent users to connect iTunes to Apple servers. So, this needs to be checked first

Solution 3: Working to the latest iTunes Version

  • To remove iTunes error 17, it is essential for users to work with the latest iTunes version.

Solution 4:  Checking of Host Files

  • If users are working On Mac then, they are suggested to navigate to the “Finder > Go > Go to Folder” section first.
  • The next step is to hit the “Go” button.
  • Try to locate the file which is named as “Hosts”, copy and then, paste this file on the desktop.
  • Now open the file which is on the desktop to search for specific lines and now delete all lines that have
  • Save this file just deleting all lines mentioned with the
  • Next, locate the “\etc” folder again and then copy as well as paste the modified file on the desktop.
  • Whenever you are prompted, choose the “replace” icon to overwrite the original hosts file now.
  • At last, restart the Mac device and then try to restore as well as update in iTunes again. 

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