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How to Fix iOS 11.2/11.1/11 Software Update Failed Error?

Most recently Apple introduced back to back several newer and upgraded versions of iOS 11. Many of the users might already have switched to latest iOS which are 11.2 and 11.1 respectively. While most faced errors. To Fix iOS 11.2/11.1/11 Software Update Failed Error, This post will guide you.  Apple soon after making iOS 11 launched its upgraded version 11.1 and 11.2 simultaneously. This technological breakthrough takes Apple lover’s with amusement. To debug installed version error and to avail superior features, people instantly jump towards it.

Sooner or later, several issues are being faced by users while trying to install the latest versions. When someone tries to install 11.2 over the air, a Software Update Error appears. But there is nothing to freak out. This update error can be tackled with much ease.

Troubleshoot iOS 11.211.1 11 Software Update Error

Efficacious Solutions to Troubleshoot iOS 11.2/11.1/11 Software Update Error:

This is one of the most common errors faced by almost every Apple Users. Go through the list below to know about the troubleshooting procedure. You can also connect with Apple Tech Support Number to solve this error on your iPhone or iPad over the air.

Solution 1: Try Again

As the “Software Update Failed” error message pops up on the screen, you will get two option “Close” and “Settings”. Exit the error message by clicking on “Close”. Now wait for couple of minutes before proceeding to install again. Go to Setting and thus click on general. Now click on “software update” to update the latest software again.

Solution 2: Try again after waiting for few hours

It is not necessary to grab the latest iOS as soon as it launches. Though it looks fascinating, but waits for few hours or even days to go for the new one. Thus download the new iOS over the air.

Solution 3: Update via iTunes

If nothing works, the next best solution is to update iOS via iTunes. It is much easier and user-friendly and convenient than over the air.

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Solution 4: Install iOS 11 update manually

This process is for advanced users who are familiar with Firmware. In this process, you download the firmware file without using Apple’s servers. Backup your device completely and follow the below instructions:

  • Download IPSW file in correct format
  • Connect you iPhone or iPad to computer and thus open iTunes.
  • Look for the “Restore iPhone” Button
  • Click on Restore iPhone while holding down the Shift key.
  • Check the downloaded IPSW file and thus let iTunes install iOS 11.2 in your iPhone.
  • Restore the backup you had created.

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Fix Mac Error Code

How to Fix iTunes Error 3002 & 3200 When Updating IOS?

iTunes Errors Code 3002 & 3200 generally occur when you are trying to upgrade or restoring your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The unknown errors 3002 & 3200, can occur due to various reasons include, when USB port/USB cable/device is not connected to the computer, Network connection, Host file, Address TCP/IP filtering, Firewall, or Security software and so on. However, it’s annoying when you keep getting these errors while you waste your time trying to get your iPhone working again. Then don’t worry about it, you can easily solve it.  Here is the blog will simply guide you on Fix iTunes Error 3002 & 3200 When Updating IOS. You just only need to follow these simple steps to do it.


Simple Steps to Fix iTunes Error 3002 & 3200 When Updating iOS-

Step 1: – Ensure to Have iTunes Latest Installed

First, be sure to have iTunes 10.5 (latest version) installed. If not, then go to iTunes 10.5 is designed with heavily integrated into icloud. This thing will help the users to be able to use iTunes in the iCloud that enables users them to store their media via iCloud, and can be synced across many different iDevices.

Here is the process to launch iTunes 10.5.

  • For Mac Users: – You have to hold down the “OPTION” key and then click on “Restore”, locate the aforementioned IPSW file.
  • For Windows Users: – You have to hold down the “SHIFT” key and then click on “Restore”, point iTunes to the downloaded IPSW file.

Step 2:- Download iOS 5 IPSW File

You should try to download iOS 5 IPSW that is specific to your device and save it somewhere easy to find. You can download iOS 5 IPSW files from iTunes Servers. Make sure that the IPSW files are 700+ MB in size, so you should probably use a download manager which can resume broken downloads. Once the firmware file has downloaded, then close the iTunes software and also disconnect your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch from the computer. Next, copy and paste the IPSW file to the following location:

  • On Windows:-

%APPDATA%\ITunes Computer\iTunes\iP{one|ad|od} Software Updates

  • On Mac:-

~/Library/iTunes/iP{one|ad|od} Software Updates

Now plug-in your iOS device to the computer using the USB cable, launch iTunes and then click Update to upgrade your device to iOS 5. This time it will directly pick the local .ipsw files and the upgrade should happen without any issues.

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Step 3:- Check Your Hosts File

After you update iTunes to the latest version, check the host files to make sure your computer can contact the update server. Check your hosts file according to your Windows and Mac PC. You can take guidance on how you can do this thing via connects iTunes tech support team for easily solves it.

Step 4:- Check Your USB Connections

Make sure that your USB cable, computer, and network are reliable and properly connected. If yes, then try again to restore your IOS device.

After performing all the steps, still, if you are getting the same iTunes Errors 3002 & 3200. Then the best suggestion for you is to take iTunes customer support team help to instantly fix it.

Dial iTunes Customer Support Phone Number To Reward the Online Help:-

Dial iTunes Customer Support Number+1-855-648-2934 now to immediately connect with the iTunes customer support team, where a team of the well-experienced and certified experts are lawy ready to your help. Thus, you could get the instant services or other troubleshooting solutions to resolve this error. The experts are very proficient and dedicated in your iTunes associated technical difficulties and always give the awesome, reliable and perfect solutions. Hence, call us now at contacting a toll-free number and get comprehensive guidance for your queries its iTunes, iPod, iPad, and Apple products.