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Fix Apple Email Verification Problem

How to Solve Apple Email Verification Problem?

To access Apple web service iCloud and iTunes, every Mac user has to register his mail account with completed verification. If you not get verification mail into your account send by Apple on your email address, then follow the steps given below for solving verification issue.

How to Solve Apple Email Verification Problem

Check Spam or Junk Mail Folder

Sometimes such mails jump into spam folder to come into junk folder instead of main inbox. Hence, before you do anything, check your all folders including spam, bulk and junk folder, may be the verification link fallen into unsolicited folders. If you not found, call to apple email support for checking the same professionally.

Check Email Blocker That Stops Mails

If you mistakenly send the verification sending mail id “” of apple into the blocked list, will not receive any kind of mail form that particular id. Make sure and check the block list and then request again for verification link. You can also search this mail id into your mail account to find the mail sent from this particular id.

Make Sure You Entered Correct Email Id

This is one of the very common mistakes done by email users. Therefore, before you request for apple email verification, make sure you have typed correct mail account. Any kind of mistake in spelling will not allow you to get verification link. If problem persists, call to apple customer support email to find the actual problem skillfully.


Resend the Mail with Same Process

Sometimes due to technical problems or to connectivity issues the verification mail is not delivered at the right destination. Hence, before you call to Apple Email Support Number 1-855-648-2934 you should try to request again the verification link, may be this time you will get the same and successfully verify your applek bar e Id for email use. However, if the problem not solved, then you have option to get tech support service and fix the issue.

Features of Apple Mail 7

Top New Features of Apple Mail 7

Apple email comes with interesting features that provides a very interactive mailing service for different category of users. Apple has introduced many versions of email service and always tried to add interesting features to make it one of the best emailing service for end-users.

Knowing its features is very important to make best use of Apple Email Service. Though, there is a list of many features that had been added in Apple Mail 7 but we will share with you only few landscapes that will practically help to make your mailing hassle-free and fast. Find out top three features given below and how to activate them with useful instructions to use them efficiently.

Top New Features of Apple Mail 7

Searching Attachment in Mail

Apple Mail 7 has introduced improved version of mailing service that allows users to search through attachments. You just need to click on search box and type PDF and you will see all the mails containing PDF file attached. Attachment search in Apple mails makes it find the missing PDF file and the list of attachments you can search for is more comprehensive than earlier.

Apple Passbook in Apple Mail 7

Apple mail 7 supports passbook passes in the form of an attachment. You can view this feature pass right from your email and also add it to your passbook through iCloud at one click. If your mail is enclosed with passbook a grey bar appears at the top with a view pass button. You can details tab to view the information about the passbook pass directly from your window. And if you face any issue call to Mac email support service to get adjust the passbook setting.

Use of Smart Mailboxes in Apple Mail 7

With Apple Mail 7 you can create Smart Mailboxes that help to filter messages by account. It works when you have multiple mail accounts you use it for sending or receiving mails on regular basis. You can create new smart mailbox and add account with recipient to filter your mails. The Smart Mailbox appears in the sidebar on the left side of the Apple mail interface. If Apple email is now showing the sidebar you can click and view the show button in the top-left corner of the interface. You can also take help of Apple Email Support+1-855-648-2934 to configure this setting correctly.

apple mail configuration

How to Configure Apple Email on Mac Series

Below guide will give you the insight how to configure apple email on Mac Apple computers. Apple email is default programs that come up with OS X10.0 or later. You can also get the details information in Apple Email Support+1-855-648-2934.

Before you start, you should have

Step 1:

  • Your domain name.
  • Email address
  • Your password

Tab the email tab in your browser, if you have not configured yet you will get a prompt box to open an email account. The link will directly take you to the add account and it will give you list of the domain that you wanted to open an account.

add account on apple mail

Step 2:

It would appear like this. Fill your name, email address and password in the required field.

Fill your name, email address and password

Step 3:

Now mail will attempt to contact mail server, go to the setting and enable the “account must be manually configured” and click the next button to configure manually.

contact mail server

Step 4:

Account type can be selected either IMAP or POP, we recommend you to select IMAP account, to know more about this account, you can contact to the Apple Email Support Number+1-855-648-2934 at Apple Tech Support.  Enter the mail server details along with username and password to complete the setup. Similarly fill the details on the outgoing server, and click to next.

contact Apple technical support

Congratulation you have created an apple email to your system. To know more contact Apple Technical Support.