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Ultimate Guide To Fix “iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes” Error

iPhone represents a line of smartphones produced and marketed by Apple Inc. One of the most exciting features comes in the form of iTunes, the home of endless entertainment. It allows you the best way to organize and enjoy all your music and movies. But that does not make it is glitch-free. iPhone users often come across a pop-up message stating iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes. Read this article to know more about the error and essential information on how to resolve it quickly.

iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes

What Causes iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes Error?

iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes An error code appears if someone gives several unsuccessful attempts to unlock their iPhone. There is nothing to worry about as this process maintains the security of your device. This issue may also result if forget your own iPhone passcode and end up entering too many digits or if a child plays around with your iPhone. There is no alternative to unlock a disabled iPhone, which means you need to go for a Recovery Mode to eradicate data from your device. Furthermore, you will need to restore your iPhone with an iTunes backup. In fact, it is recommended to keep a backup of all your iPhone data.

How To Fix iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes?

You can try some basic hacks provided by our Tech Support team to resolve the issue without any hassle. All you need to do is follow the given guidelines step by step.

Fix 1: Connect to iTunes

If you often use iTunes to create backups for your iPhone, then you can use the iTunes method to help yourself out of the situation.

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes.
  • Now, click on the icon that resembles your device. This step will lead you to all the information of your device.
  • Find the option to Restore iPhone option on the Summary tab and click on it.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, and you will get your iPhone restored.

Your device will start up shortly and resolve the “iPhone disabled connect to iTunes” error.

Fix 2: With Recovery Mode

  • Plug your iPhone into your computer and open the iTunes.
  • Hold down the Sleep button and Home buttons both at the same time. Your device will automatically enter into Recovery Mode.
  • Once your iPhone enters Recovery Mode, iTunes will ask you to Restore or Update your device through a message on your computer screen. Here, you need to select the Restore option.
  • Your iPhone will download its restored iOS software.

Once your iPhone gets restored, you need to reboot the device for getting rid of the “iPhone disabled Connect to iTunes” error.

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In case you are still unable to use your iPhone and “ iPhone disabled. Connect to iTunes” error code continues to show up, then you need to opt for professional help to mitigate the error. Our tech support can provide you with several efficient troubleshooting hacks and figure out the cause of the issue. Our diligent technicians are professional engineers and highly reliable and provide you with tailor-made, pocket-friendly solutions. You can ask for our remote as well as door-to-door solutions.


We provide you with multiple channels to connect with us. You can talk and avail practical solutions from our experts through our live chat portal. Otherwise, you can choose to drop in a mail requesting our service at our official email ID. Moreover, our toll-free iPhone support helpline number +1-855-242-5902 is available 24×7 for your convenience.

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How To Fix iTunes Cannot Transfer Videos To iPhone?

iTunes have high potential to play infinite videos such as movie files that has “.mov”, “.m4v”, or “.mp4” extensions. The blog content here will discuss solutions to fix iTunes cannot transfer videos to iPhone in few easy steps given below. However, iPhone, iPad as well as iPod is only capable of playing videos in a specific formats. But if users have not purchased their video contents from iTunes Store then, there is a good chance that they won’t be able to sync into iPhone, iPad with iTunes.

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iTunes Support

How To Fix iTunes Error 5105?

This error is caused due to mis-configured system files which create registry errors in the operating system.  So, to avoid any serious issue, Fix iTunes Error 5105 by approaching for a professional help at iTunes Customer Support Number +1-855-242-5902.  Let us discuss more about iTunes which is one of the greatest tools to manage, restore iOS device, organize and enjoy the music, as well as movies. However, sometimes there is possibility that one may come across issue when working with iTunes.

Checkpoints to Fix iTunes Error 5105


Checkpoint 1: Close your iTunes and run as an Administrator

This sounds sometimes silly but yes, it really works out for most of the people. To do this, the first thing is to close iTunes and then, restart it by running the administrator option. On the other hand, it is also possible that there are few iTunes related to programs and does not run in a proper way. Now, here completely close your iTunes and restart it running as an administrator.

Checkpoint 2: Repair your corrupted Windows registry issues with the help of Windows Care Genius

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After repairing your iTunes, if still users are receiving a message as “Request Cannot Be Processed” error on iTunes message, then there is 95% chance that the computer is dealing with registry problems. After that you a need a professional registry repair tool to help users fix the problem

Checkpoint 3: Checking the health of PC

As per instructions given by Apple Customer Service team, users are advised to run the Windows Care Genius software after users are done with the installation process.  Tap on the “Checkup” button to easily perform a scan and analyze the heath status of the PC.

When users are done with this process, just click on “fix” button to resolve all related problems provided that the invalid registry entries on your PC are completely removed.

That’s all for solutions.

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We are available for customers 24/7 to assist users in fixing up problems related to Apple devices. Technical experts are available at Apple Customer Service +1-855-242-5902 to assist users in resolving problems with world-class solutions delivered at your desk. Feel free to connect with us anytime and get the best possible solutions right at your desk.

How To Fix iTunes Error 4014

How To Fix iTunes Error 4014?

The error is responsible while you are restoring or updating the iPhone/iPad which prevents users from upgrading to the latest iOS version with the help of iTunes. The 4014 is a type of hardware related error which is generally arises due to faulty cable as well as faulty port. Professionals have defined the error code to be occurring due to connectivity issues between the PC or any Mac devices or in the iDevice. When connecting to the iOS device to user’s computer, the issue is a result of various faulty cables that hinder the data transfer process. Apply below solutions to fix iTunes error 4014.


Solutions to troubleshoot iTunes error 4014

Solution 1: Check your USB Port & Connector

  • To get rid of the error code, users need to check for their USB ports as well as the connectors.
  • Now work with the USB cable that came with the device. If you don’t have it then it is recommended to try a different Apple USB cable.
  • Switch to a different USB port on the computer but make sure that you don’t plug into the keyboard.
  • Users are requested to plug it into a different computer

Solution 2: Clear out all the space on the iPhone/iPad

  • Clearing out all the space in the iPhone or iPad device is a great solution to remove the error code. Users are requested to clear out all applications as well as they need to delete data manually. Junk files, temporary files, corrupted files and other unused apps should be cleared out to get rid of this issue.

Solution 3: Restoring the iPhone with the help of Recovery Mode

  • Restoring your iPhone, iPad by using recovery mode to easily fix this iTunes error. To do this, simply put your iPhone into the recovery mode. It will help you clear out the error now.

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How To Fix The iPhone Disconnected Error During Backup or Restore?

This is one of the most common errors that almost all iPhone or iPad users come across once in a lifetime during backup or restore process. In this guided blog post, we have discussed four best possible solutions to Fix The iPhone Disconnected Error during Backup or Restore. It is possible to restore or backup valuable data using iTunes in Windows PC and MAC and save it from being lost. But sometimes, there are chances that an unexpected error might occur during this procedure hindering or failing the entire backup and restore process.

iTunes could not backup iPhone because the iPhone disconnected | Budget-friendly Solutions

iTunes is a software program developed by Apple for its iOS devices. iTunes helps you in making modification and changes to your Apple devices. It also enables a user to enjoy a lot of amazing features from Apple. Features that include iTune Music, App, Movies, Documentaries etc. You can even perform the “Download”, “Update” and “Backup” function from iTunes on your iOS devices. Often, there is a common error report from the user. User reports on an error message that states iTunes could not backup the iPhone because the iPhone disconnected”.

If you are facing this error report don’t worry, this article will help you resolve the error report with your device.

Why iOS Device Shows “iTunes could not backup the iPhone because the iPhone disconnected”

Often user face a problem while backing up the devices on iCloud with iTunes. This results from a lot of issues related to software and sometimes with the USB cable and ports from the hardware.

Often there are problems with USB cable of the devices which fails to work due to bend and tear of the USB cable. which is why it gets prone to itunes could not backup the iphone because the iphone disconnected issue. Check your USB cable to make sure there are no such issues with your USB cable.

Next, this problem may also arise from the anti-malware program from your system that might interrupt the iTune service. In that case, check your antivirus program. If there are any malicious activities on your system it may corrupt or crumbles the iTune to work properly. In this case, it is recommended to perform a clean check of your system with your antivirus. Next, try performing a clean installation of your iTunes software.

Fix The iPhone Disconnected Error During Backup or Restore

Steps To Resolve “iTunes Could Not Backup The iPhone Because The iPhone Disconnected”| Quick Methods

You can resolve this error report if you follow the following procedures.

  • At first, remove any USB hub in between your connection with the device and the system.
  • Restart your system to make sure any errors with your USB drivers.
  • Check your USB CAbles connecting your device for any loose contact and bend and tear.
  • Next, make sure to check your antivirus program on your system. Check its settings.
  • After that, perform a clean installation of your iTunes.
  • Uninstall the iTune that is loaded on your system, Completely remove it from your system.
  • Download the latest Updated version of iTunes.
  • Perform a clean install and sign in to your iTune account.
  • Next, connect your USB cable with your device and system without any “USB HUB ” access.
  • Now perform the process again your device will get successfully backed up.

In case, you find difficulty in resolving the issue don’t worry it might happen from any technical glitches. In this case, contact our toll-free Apple Customer Support Number[        ]. Our expertise will help you to resolve your issues at the earliest.

This error message generally appears when you try to connect your iPhone or iPad with your computer or use an original USB cable or forget to jailbreak your iPhone.

Solutions to Troubleshoot “The iPhone Disconnected Error during Backup or Restore”:

Though the most basic solution is to restart your iPhone or iPad thus launching iTunes and backing up your device, here we have discussed several other solutions provided by iPhone Customer Care Number to deal with this error more efficiently.

Solution 1: Resetting of your iPhone or iPad.

Step1: The first and foremost thing you need to do is to create a backup or restore device data on iCloud.

Step2: Go to Settings App -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.

Resetting network settings will not delete data from your device but it will erase connection details like WIFI password, Cellular Details and others.

Solution 2: Changing of the USB Cable

Change the USB cable that you are using to connect your device from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0. Also remove the hub connector between your iPhone and computer and establish a direct connection.

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Solution 3: Deletion of former iTunes backups

As the iTunes backups get old, there are possibilities that they might get corrupted or damaged. Save the old backup somewhere else and clean iTunes. By doing so, iTunes will start storing new backups.

Solution 4: Deactivating iTunes WIFI Sync

Disable the sync option from your iTunes temporarily to get rid of this error.

Solution 5: Restoring Backup

Restore current backups from your iTunes. Connect your iPhone or iPad with computer and launch iTunes to start restore process.

By following any of the above steps, a user will be able to fix the iPhone no connection error at the time of backup or restore.


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Fix iTunes Error Code 11

How to Copy Playlists from iTunes to iPhone ?

Apple iTunes has been redesigned, and figuring out the new interface can be a bit overwhelming. Copying playlists to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod is a bit diverse depending on the version that you are using. With a new interface and fewer glitches, you can now rapidly Copy Playlists to iPhone, iPad or iPod with iTunes 12.  Undoubtedly, iTunes is the best tool to manage music, import songs from CD, purchase music from iTunes Store, create amazing playlists with hundreds of songs, and even play music on a computer as a player. Thus it’s more important tool, where you can share your music between your computer and your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Well, here is the blog will guide you very simple steps for how to Copy Playlists from iTunes to iPhone , so you just need to follow these steps, which given below.


Steps to Copy Playlists from iTunes to iPhone in a Hasty Manner :-

  • First, you will need to launch iTunes on your computer.
  • Then it’s required to connect or plug your apple device (iPhone, iPad or iPod) with a computer system.
  • Making sure your iPhone, iPad or iPod devices are detected by your iTunes and displayed in iTunes.
  • Now, it’s required to tap on the “Music” icon on the menu bar or in the left bar. And then check the box for “Sync Music”.
  • Furthermore, you will need to the option “Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres”.
  • Finally, the Playlists area, check the playlists which you want to add to the device.
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In this way, you can efficiently do the tasks of Copy Playlists to iPhone, iPad or iPod with iTunes 12.

At any case, if you as users encounter any error while proceeding with the above steps, then they don’t need to worry about it; in fact, they just need to connect with the iTunes Customer Support team to get a fast support.


iTunes Customer Support Phone Number  Is Available 24×7 For Online Help:-

The users don’t need to hesitate; in fact, they only need to call on iTunes Customer Support Phone Number +1-855-242-5902, which is available 24×7 days to help. The users can get the comprehensive guidance or solution in a single call on this number by the help of the proficient technician. A team of well-experienced and certified technicians will give you high-quality service and 100% satisfactory solutions to resolve the other kinds of iTunes associated technical problems in a short time.

iphone is disbled

How to Fix iPhone is disabled Connect to iTunes Error Messages

If your iPhone showing a message of ‘iPhone is disabled Connect to iTunes’ Error Messages, and you are unable to understand this message. Then don’t get upset or panic! As disabled iPhones, caused by the forgotten password, and sometimes iTunes doesn’t recognize it, thus it is a common occurrence. In this blog we explain how you can deal a disabled iPhone using iTunes (or iCloud), so you can easily Fix iPhone is disabled Connect to iTunes Error Messages, just by following some troubleshooting steps, which are given below.


Method to Troubleshoot ‘iPhone is disabled Connect to iTunes’ Error Messages

Here are defining some simple methods by which you can unlock your iPhone device or get out of the disabled mode on the iPhone easily.

Method 1:- Using Temporarily Way

  • First, you have to go to “Settings” and select “WiFi” option there.
  • Choose the option of “i” which is next to the WiFi network which you wish to connect.
  • Now you have to remove the “DNS settings” and then enter the new one depending upon location.
  • Next, pick up the option of “Back” and then go to the “Activation help” option.
  • After the bypass will get complete, so you will get a message which will notify that “You have successfully connected to my Server”.
  • Now, you will successfully be able to unlock iTunes’ locked iPhone.

Method 2:- Using Permanent Way

  • First, you need to go to “Menu” option.
  • Then choose “Applications” and “Crash” option.
  • Now your iphone will now restart and after that you need to choose the language and country.
  • Then select the “WiFi Settings” option.
  • Choose the “i” option, which is next to the relevant “WiFi network” (As the same above process)
  • Then scroll down and press the “Menu” which is under “HTTP PROXY”.
  • From the server, there is requiring to list out thirty emoji icons. Then for the port zone, there is require listing fifteen to thirty characters.
  • Now, you will repeatedly meet with the language and unlock the screen.
  • Then repeatedly slide the unlock screen and choose “language” option, while the user will reach the home screen.
  • After you will be able to unlock iTunes locked iPhone, then you can go back to use their iPhone normally.

I hope your problem is resolved.

In case, you are not satisfied with the above methods or face difficulties, or your problem still persists, then you should connect with a support team to immediately solve it.

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Dial iPhone Support Phone Number Now to get Online Help:-

For contact, there is the best way to dial iPhone Support Phone Number +1-855-242-5902, which will directly connect you with the iTunes customer support team. The proficient technicians are available 24×7 for your online help, as they are really helpful for resolving iTunes or iPhone associated technical errors or issues. The experts very well know that how to give the reliable and accurate solutions to any kind of technical problems in a short span of time. Hence, dial this toll-free number now to get awesome and finest solutions to iTunes or iPhone related technical problems.

Fix iTunes Error Code 11

How To Fix iTunes Error Code 11 While Restoring An iPhone

The iTunes error 11 is caused due to wide number of reasons like outdated antivirus issue which is a result of backdated firewall program and hence it blocks all ports that are essential for iTunes to communicate with the Apple servers. The second most known cause is due to faulty connector port problem which is incapable of establishing accurate communication. This iTunes error cause problems  to users like unable to create a backup of an iOS device or incapable of restoring a backup to an iOS device, users may not  properly sync music to the Apple Music playlist and many other issue are cause during this error.  Users are always to recommend to immediately deal with this issue and here we will introduce users with various solutions to fix iTunes error code 11 while restoring an iPhone with appropriate explanations.

Solutions to troubleshoot iTunes error code 11 while restoring an iPhone

We will be introducing you three top solutions to remove the error smoothly

How To Fix iTunes Error Code 11 While Restoring An iPhone

Solution 1: Modifying the Host File

  • iTunes error 11 can easily be rectified by editing the hosts file which work to redirect the request from iTunes to another server instead to the Apple servers. What you need to do is simply to edit your hosts file by removing all unwanted lines.
  • Next, simply reboot the computer device

Solution 2: Check for any deadly anti-malware program

  • It is quite possible that due to heavy network activities, your firewall program can easily block iTunes’ direct access and as a matter of fact it gives iTunes error 11.
  • To overcome this, perform a check whether any security program in the computer is providing network access to the iTunes program which has recently been installed by you.

Solution 3: Update your iTunes and iOS

To overcome with this issue, it is recommended for users to update their iPhone or iPad to its latest available iOS version. Not only this but also one should make sure that the best communication is happening between your computer as well as in iPhone or iPad. This way it will refine the communication process by enhancing the data communication speed too. 


Well, I hope at-least one of the above solutions will definitely work for you to fix this error. If still these solutions do not seems to be working out then, try a factory reset on your iPhone or iPad. 

Contact our technicians at iTunes Support Number to experience one-of-a-kind solution!

iTunes Support Number


Get in touch at iTunes Support Number to have a word with our technicians in resolving your issues of iTunes by grabbing our top-notch solutions matched according to user’s need.  We are available for users 24*7 hours to assist them in their difficult times by conveying appropriate answers promptly. Our distinguished nature of guiding users about any iTunes issues has made us stand out the best among other brands.

Fix iTunes Error 4005

How To Fix iTunes Error 4005?

The iTunes Error 4005 is caused due to various issues such as iOS system technical faults in iPhones, iPad or iPod touch improperly installed of iTunes software, iCloud has not properly turned off leading to restore inability issues. Other reasons include such as technical faults in the USB connection, deadly virus infection and broken links are few reasons of this error. This blog has been well described by professionals which discusses solutions on how to fix iTunes Error 4005 with detailed explanation of each step.

Here are Solutions to Fix iTunes Error 4005


Solution 1:  Restart your iTunes

This is one of the simplest ways to fix the problem similar to other registry issues and file management errors in iTunes which needs restarting of the system. It is found that restarting iTunes will resolve the iTunes error 4005.

Solution 2: Restart the Computer Now

This is another solution where users need to restart the computer to clean up the registry issues and device connectivity problems with the iTunes

Solution 3: Check for the USB Cable & USB Port Technical Fault

Problems of USB cable or may be even the USB port can result in this type of error. So, it is advised to users for trying to use another cable or simply change an USB port.

Solution 4:  Force restart the device

Users can try to force restart their iPhone, iPad or even iPod to remove the iTunes error faster

Solution 5: Check for the Battery Problems

It is often seen that when there is a battery issue of iOS device is in low state, users can get this error. Also lack of power may cause this error.  In this context, make sure that your iOS device has enough power.

Solution 6: Update the iTunes to its Latest Version is Recommended

Older iTunes version is quite prone to conflict when hardware and software handling process is going on. So, updating it to the latest version is recommended for users 


Usually, all these above methods will surely heal the 4005 error in iTunes. But if the problem exists then, it is recommended for users that Apple device is taken to nearby service center immediately where these issues are handled well.

For Resolving iTunes Error 4005 by iTunes Customer Support Toll-Free Number  +1-855-242-5902 Now!

Our technicians at iTunes Customer Support resolve these critical issues faster by applying the latest industry methods to help users recover these problems. We are available 24*7 hours a day to assist users related matters with world-class support solutions. Solutions that are delivered to users are comprehensive to grab and are unique in nature.


How to Fix Apple iTunes Error 3256 ?

If you are receiving Apple iTunes Error 3256 when you use iTunes to update or restore your device iPhone, iPad, or iPod. If yes, then don’t frustrate, as this error may occur due to Network Connection. Fact of matter is that while you connecting to the remote speaker, “through Airport Express using iTunes”, then an unknown error occurred (3256). The other common causes of this error include, Software downloading problem, “Network Connection Timed Out”, or may be error develop when downloading your music, Internet connection issue, Out-of-date or incorrectly configured security, Firewall software is interfering, and an entry in your hosts file redirecting requests to ‘’, etc. Therefore, we have several methods by which you can Fix Apple iTunes Error 3256.

How to Fix Apple iTunes Error 3256

Here, the blog will describe some useful and appropriate methods, which will assist to troubleshoot the Apple iTunes Error 3256 in an easy and instant way.

Methods to Troubleshoot Apple iTunes Error 3256:-

Method 1: – Update iTunes

Update iTunes

First of all, you need to get the latest version of iTunes for your computer or device, which might require OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 or later or Windows 7 or later.

Method 2: – Update Your Computer

Update Your Computer

You should try to install updates for your Mac. You can also, get updates from Microsoft if you have a PC. Alternatively, you can connect with the Apple technical support team for assistance or guidance.

Method 3: – Plug Directly Into Your Computer

Plug Directly Into Your Computer

You should try to plug your IOS device directly into your computer’s USB port (make sure you do not need to plug into an attached keyboard or USB hub).

Method 4: – Check Your Computer’s Security Software

Check Your Computer’s Security Software

  • You might need to update, change, or uninstall software that’s causing an issue.
  • Then completely check security software

Method 5: – Restart Your Computer

Restart Your Computer

  • You should try to verify your computer and device, so do this thing, firstly turn off your computer and your device.
  • Then turn ON them again and check if the Apple iTunes Error 3256 occur.

 Method 6: – Update or Restore Your Device   

Update or Restore Your Device   

You should try to update or restore your device again for proper functioning.

Method 7: – Configure ipv6 Off

Configure ipv6 Off

  • Go to the “System Preferences” on your Mac.
  • Select “Network” and then “Advanced” option.
  • Hit on the menu tab “TCP/IP”.
  • After you will see the drop down list Configure ipv6, so choose off option.

After following the above methods, the users can easily troubleshoot Apple iTunes Error 3256.



Call Apple Customer Support Number For Online Support:-

If users are facing any problem to follow the above methods, then they can contact at Apple Support Number to get instant technical support. This toll-free is available 24×7 days, so users can directly connect with our proficient technicians. As we are reliable and authentic Apple customer service support provider and deliver high-quality Apple Customer Support for Apple errors/issues. Hence, we assure the users will gain the refined, finest and pocket-friendly solutions to Apple errors/issues.