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Easy And Effective Methods To Fix Apple Error 1005f

Apple error 1005f appears on a Mac computer and can occur without any prior notification.

The error message that comes up on your screen when this issue occurs is ‘Internet Recovery Error 1005f’. There are a few reasons for the occurrence of this glitch.

If there is no internet connectivity available, then there is a chance for you to encounter this issue. If the Mac has any kind of virus within it, then also you might face this problem. Here, we have provided some easy methods to get rid of this glitch in no time.

Hence, read this article carefully and try to fix this problem.

Methods to Resolve 1005f Error Code 

This is the section of the article that contains various methods that will help you eradicate the error 1005f on Mac.

Solution 1: Remove Malicious Programs From Mac

Remove Malicious Programs From Mac

You can encounter the error code 1005f on a Mac computer if there are malicious applications or extensions present in it. The answer to resolving this problem is to remove all the malicious codes from the Mac.

Here are the steps on how to perform it.

  • First, if the browser on your Mac has any reliable extensions, then those plugins can be malicious ones. So, the best thing to do is to remove them from the browser. Below this step, there will be substeps on how to do it. So follow along.
    • Open the Mac and then from the dock present at the bottom of the screen, locate the ‘Safari’ browser and click on it to launch.
    • After that, on the browser window, go to the top and choose ‘Safari’. Then, from the drop-down menu, select the ‘Safari Extensions’ option.
    • As soon as you click on that option, a list full of all the plugins installed within the browser will come up. Now, from that list, locate and click on any suspicious extensions.
    • Next,  to remove it from the browser tap on the ‘Uninstall’ button.
    • Repeat the second, third and fourth substeps above and delete all the extensions present with the Safari browser.
  • On the Mac, navigate to the ‘Applications’ folder and choose a malicious application then, drag it to the ‘Trash’.
  • After that, move to the ‘Library’ directory. Then, choose the ‘Application Support’ folder, in it, select the files that are related to the application that was deleted. Next, place those files into the ‘Trash’
  • Now, once again inside the ‘Library’ folder look for the two ‘Launch Agents’ and ‘Launch Daemons’ folders. Next, choose all the files in relation to the application that you have deleted on the second step.
  • Repeat the process on the last steps to remove files from the main Library directory.
  • At last reboot the Mac computer.

Solution 2: Inspect the Internet Connection

Inspect the Internet Connection

When there is no internet connectivity at all, then you can encounter the Apple 1005f error.  The best solution to rectify this issue is to restart the router device and then check the internet connection. Here are steps on how to reboot the router device.

  • First, press the ‘Power’ button at the back of the router to turn it off.
  • Then, remove the power adapter from the wall socket. Also, take out all the ‘Ethernet’ cables from the router and the computer.
  • Then wait for a minute or so, next connect every ‘Ethernet’ cables back to their correct places.
  • At last, tap on the ‘Power’ button to boot the router and see if there is an internet connection or not.

Solution 3: Reset the Mac Computer

Reset the Mac Computer

If not a single method given above helps you to resolve this error, then as a last resort all you can do is to set the Mac once again. In order to do that, follow these steps mentioned underneath.

  • First, on the Mac computer, press both the keys ‘Command + R’ together and then start it up. As soon as you see the Apple logo, release those keys and the Power button.
  • When a new window pops up, then in it, choose the language that you prefer from the drop-down menu. Next, tap on the ‘Right’ arrow at the bottom to continue.
  • Once you get a ‘MacOS Utilities’ window, locate and choose the ‘Disk Utility’ option. After that, at the bottom of this window, navigate to the right side and choose ‘Continue’.
  • From the next page that appears, go to the left panel and then choose the ‘Macintosh HD’ disk. After that, go to the top of that page and choose the ‘Erase’ button.
  • Next, select the ‘Mac OS Extended (Journaled)’ option from the menu that comes down and then tap on the ‘Erase’ option. Now, the whole content within the disk will be removed.
  • Once the removal process is complete, hit the “Done” button. Now, exit from the window.

More Steps for this Method

  • Connect to the Internet on your Mac. After that, launch the ‘macOS Utilities’ window following the steps above.
  • Then, from that menu, choose the ‘Reinstall macOS’ option. Next, click on the ‘Continue’ button present to the right edge of this window.
  • Now, when a new installation window comes up with the name of the macOS, then at the lower center of the window, select the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Once you do this, a software license agreement will come up. Now, you can either read the whole the information provided on that page or just simply click on the ‘Agree’ button at the bottom of that window.
  • In the next page that appears, select the hard drive where the installation of the Operating System will take place. After that, choose the ‘Install’ button.
  • As soon as you click on that button, immediately the initial installation process will begin. This process can take quite some time to get over, so wait patiently.
  • During the installation process, the machine will reboot one time.
  • At last, when the procedure of installing the macOS is complete, then a final restart will occur.


You can quite effectively and efficiently eradicate the 1005f error on the Mac, simply by following all the methods on the above section of this article. 

However, if even after you follow each and every method provided, you’re still are unable to resolve this issue, then, do not get concerned. Just, provide all the details of the problem that you are currently encountering on the comment section. We will surely get back to you.


Learn How To Change iCloud Password | Get Help From Experts

Even after upgrading your device a couple of times if you are unable to resolve the iCloud related issues, then you require to Change iCloud Password. This issue arises if your iPhone/Mac has recently been upgraded to the latest version of the iOS. Also, at times the device gets stuck in a loop that requires the iCloud id and passcode immediately. If the user provides all the information then also the tool continually asks for the iCloud password. This operation ultimately freezes the system leading to damage the Operating System.

It becomes very annoying for the users when continuously asked for the same thing during working hours. But do not panic, no technology is flawless. View the solutions given in this article and try to fix the error.

Change iCloud Password

Why Change iCloud Password?

Before changing the iCloud Change Password, it needs to be verified. You require to obtain both of the IDs as well as the passcode to confirm your associated account. The iCloud account links with the Apple ID making it associated with apps installed in the device.

Once the user is generating original ID, it converts the passcode to connect with other accounts for safety purpose. No two reports can link to the same iCloud account.

How to Change iCloud Password?

Move To Power Off Mode

To slide to the power off mode press the Sleep/Wake menu for about 5 to 10 seconds and then select the Power Off mode. Click on the Power icon and again wait for 30 to 40 seconds until the display is blank. Still, hold on the Sleep/Wake menu.

Logging Out

First, open the device and then click on the Settings option. Go to the iCloud menu and then navigate until you find the option to Sign-out. Double tap on log out and then choose the Delete from the device. Enter the passcode and ID and sign out.

Review iCloud Work

After diagnosing the login process, check if the iCloud application is working properly. Apply system scanner and then find if there is an error associated with it. If an error exists, then uninstall the application.

To start with the process select the app and then double-click on that. Scroll down till you discover the uninstall option and click on that. Again download the app and reinstall it. Make sure the latest version of the application is installed.

Set The Password

Go to the Safari browser and then navigate to the Select the Reset password option and then open the Apple ID and then choose Next and Continue. Open the account as the admin and answer the protection inquiries and then select Next and Continue. Select the Reset passcode option. Reboot the device. Provide the latest passcode and then check.

Following up And Rebuild

Correlate the device and check the USB cord. Open the iCloud menu and then choose the Summary. Select the Computer Backups menu and decide on it. Choose iCloud from the list and set the menu off. Again provide the Apple ID and the passcodes and switch off. Reboot the system and then rebuilt it all over again.

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iCloud Customer Support Number +1-855-242-5902 Is Available 24×7

iCloud Support Number

Even after going through the guide if you are unable to iCloud Password Change, then you need professionals guidance. To avail, the best-in-class assistance calls us at our Sevice desk Toll-free helpline.

We offer round the clock service. Our experts have years of industry experience and can help you out with any iCloud Support Number related issue. Moreover, you can even contact us by sending an email or by directly connecting with the engineers via our audio-video-interactive online portal. All the services that we offer are very pocket-friendly.


Instantly Fix Apple Error 53 by Apple Support Number.

While using gadgets, it is common to encounter various kind of glitches. Whenever we talk about brands, Apple comes first in every tech lover’s mind. Enhanced with great features, Apple remains among the best in designing and developing high-end devices. But at the same time, Apple devices also have some technical issues from time to time. Apple Error 53 is one of the most common and irritating error that users are facing trouble to resolve.

Instantly Fix Apple Error 53 | Apple Support

The error usually appears when users are trying to upgrade their device via iTunes on a PC. Security test failures are the main reason behind that issue. However, a faulty Touch ID can also cause the issue. Touch ID is one of the latest security systems of the Apple and it helps to secure your device from an unidentified user.

What is the cause behind Apple Error 53?

There are a number of causes for the problem that occurs on your Apple device, we have listed some of the common reasons behind the problem:

Replacement of original parts: In case, you have changed the built-in-hardware, it may turn out to be the cause of the issue. As a replacement of the hardware will not be compatible with your Apple device.

Failure of security test: Every device should pass over the standard security test. In case, your device fails to, such error codes are displayed. The security test is designed to check whether the Touch ID is working properly or not.


Solutions to fix Apple Error 53 instantly

Apple has released the updated iOS 10.9.3 version to resolve this kind of error codes that. If you want a quick fix, you need to reconfigure their device with iTunes on their PCs. Before troubleshooting, you have to make sure that you are having proper knowledge of basic troubleshooting of Apple device.

  • Start by closing the iTunes and unplug the device from your computer.
  • After that, connect your iPhone to the PC and select the device after opening iTunes application. Next, you can see an update option, select Update when you see the pop-up window or when a notification in iTunes shows up to Restore or Update. Now, iTunes will automatically update to the latest version without losing any data.

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  • In case, the Apple logo screen is still not showing, restart your iPhone by pressing the sleep/wake.  You’ll get an option to restore the device, click on that to proceed.
  • Next, set up your device from your chosen backup. Whenever you find the on-screen guide for setting up the Touch ID, click on the ‘later’ option.
  • If the Apple error 53 still occurs after trying the above-mentioned steps, you need an expert’s assistance to fix the issue.

Apple Technical-Support

Quick assistance just a call away!

In case, you face any trouble during troubleshooting and cannot resolve the issue, dial our Apple Support Phone Number +1-855-242-5902. You can also drop a mail at the official mail ID. Our experts will get back to you shortly with the necessary solutions ready. Moreover, you can even connect to Live chat support portal and discuss your problem directly with Apple tech experts. They are 24×7 active in our chat portal to resolve problems like Apple error 53 instantly.


How To Fix Apple TV Error Code HDCP?

The HDPC error is caused due to various faulty HDMI cable or receiver technical faults. Fix Apple TV Error Code HDCP with proper guidelines which can be easily achieved at Apple Customer Support Number +1-855-242-5902. Even if your HDMI switch is working fine, still issue will arise. However users should try these below solutions to get rid of this problem in easy and faster ways. Before we move onto its solution, let us discuss more on HDCP. This is basically built on several devices such as streaming video hardware, cable boxes, satellite TV receivers, etc. If however, if the old HDTV is not built into it then, users won’t be able to watch the HDCP compatible contents as well. So, this may lead to technical glitches.

Solutions to Fix Apple TV Error Code HDCP 

Fix HDCP Error On Apple TV

Solution 1: Check for HDMI Cable:

  • Turn off the Apple TV as well as the Receiver
  • Unplug your HDMI cable and then plug it back carefully
  • Turn off your receiver as well as Apple TV. The next thing is to unplug your Apple TV from power source and then, wait for a while. Plug it back in to the power source and then again turn on your Apple TV as well as receiver.
  • Ensure that you have selected the HDMI input which should match the HDMI port and is well connected to the Apple TV.
  • As instructed by Apple Customer Service team, Receiver or even the HDMI switch may be the reason of creating this trouble.  So, try to connect to the Apple TV directly with your TV.
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  • Even the cable might be at fault. Hence, try out for a different cable to check whether it is working.
  • Now, open the “Settings” section and navigate to the “Audio as well as Video” section and then, adjust the HDMI settings.

Solution 2: Try this solution which needs a restoration process of the Apple TV to factory settings

Step 1: The very first thing is to head over to the “Settings”  icon and then, click on “System” icon and the, perform a “Reset” process.

Step 2: The second thing is to select the reset option

  1. While doing this, it will allow users to reset the device faster without the internet connection.
  2. Reset and then update the device to reset the Apple TV into its factory settings. Now install the software updates with the help of internet connection
  3. Choose for a better option as per your choice and reset the TV as usual.

Solution 3: Restore the Apple TV with the help of  iTunes

  • Users first need to unplug the HDMI cable as well as the power cord from the Apple TV. Launch your iTunes on the computer device.
  • The next thing is to plug your USB-C cable at the back of the Apple TV
  • Now, check for a summary page in the iTunes
  • Click the “Restore Apple TV” icon and allow them to get restored successfully
  • Once the Apple TV has finished its restoring process, one needs to unplug the USB-C as well as the power cord. Then, reconnect the HDMI cable as well as the power cord to the Apple TV.

Apple Customer-Support

For more such issues connect with Apple expert team for instant solutions

Get in touch with Apple TV Customer Support Number +1-855-242-5902 for immediate replies to every issue occurring within the device. We are 24/7 hours available for users to assist them in fixing up complex to complex level problems with world-class support solutions. Connect with our technical team for hassle free replies at your desk.


How To Fix Apple Internet Recovery Mode Error 2006f?

MacBook Air users sometimes can come across this problem when they are trying to reformat as well as reinstall the OS with the help of Internet Recovery process but there may lie other issues too. at the time of booting the device, you will come across an infamous Flashing Question Mark on the screen when users are making an attempt to boot with the help of Alt+Cmd+R command, so, go ahead with the “Starting Internet Recovery” process may solve out this issue but it may take some time to complete the process. So, below are steps explained to Fix Apple Internet Recovery Mode Error 2006f with accurate guidelines.

Best Ways To Fix The Internal Recovery Mode Error

The startup volume which holds a bootable copy of the operating system alongside your applications and information, your Mac’s disk contains a shrouded recovery partition that you can boot to reinstall MacOS, play out a quick check of associated disks and that’s just the beginning. Many users reported about internet recovery mode error. Therefore, we will provide you with easy tricks to fix it.

If in any case the recovery partition gets harmed or corrupted. All you need is to go to Internet Recovery, an internet-based form of recovery mode found on more up to date Macs.

You can able to re-install MacOS and examine issues of your Mac’s startup disk with the help of Internet Recovery.

Apple Internet Recovery Mode Error 2006f

Comparison Between Standard Mode And Recovery Mode?

Mac’s recovery mode holds a macOS installer, therefore, booting in Recovery Mode gives you a chance to reinstall the latest version of macOS.

Internet Recovery Mode error does not allow you to reinstall the macOS version. You should use Internet Recovery mode if your Mac’s internal disk is harmed or you’ve replaced it with a speedier, more substantial model, and you’ve neglected to make a bootable adaptation of El Capitan on USB media.

In Recovery mode, you can install the latest version of macOS and also or reinstall as well. Internet Recovery will download the version of macOS that initially accompanied your PC, which won’t be the latest macOS version accessible. As a reward, Internet Recovery will consequently run a speedy trial of Mac’s memory and disks to check for equipment issues.

The most effective method to fix Internet Recovery Mode Error

To enter this mode and to fix, try the following steps:

  • Choose the Restart option or power on your Mac in the Apple menu.
  • Hold down the Command (⌘) – Option (⌥) – R together promptly after hearing the startup toll as the PC restarts.

Hold the keys until the point when the animated globe shows up on the screen. ‘Starting Internet Recovery,’the message peruses. ‘This may take a while.’

If you claim a Mac notebook, ensure you’re using the working in a console to enter Internet Recovery Mode as the keystroke may not enlist on outside consoles.

  • A Wifi menu will appear in your screen; internet Recovery will require an internet association with stack the recovery tool from Apple’s servers. Tap the menu to show the accessible Wi-Fi systems, and after that select one to associate with.
  • In case you’re associated with the Internet with the help of the Ethernet, you don’t need to interface with a Wifi amid Internet Recovery.
  • On the off chance that this isn’t an open Wi-Fi, you’ll be requested to type in your passcode. Press Enter on the console or tap the checkmark image to proceed.
  • After the connection of mac with the help of Wifi, it’ll download a recovery system picture from Apple’s servers and start from it, giving you access to the recuperation tools.

This may take from two or three minutes to up to 60 minutes, or more depending on your Internet connection. Interface your Mac to the power connector with the goal that it doesn’t come up short on juice while it’s stacking Internet Recovery from Apple’s servers.

On the off chance that all goes well, you’ll be given the macOS Utility window. Select the choice you need to use in this window or through the Utilities menu.

Steps to Fix Apple Error 2006f

Step 1: Reset the NVRAM in the First Step

  • Older Macs have a Parameter RAM (PRAM) and on the other hand, newer Macs will continue to work with the Non-Volatile Random-Access Memory (NVRAM). So, resetting the NVRAM is what needed here. To go ahead with this process, follow below instructions:
  • Shut down the PC device first but don’t just log out.
  • Now, press the power button and then hit the command option which is “PR” keys. Users are instructed to make sure that they have pressed these keys before the gray screen has appeared because it won’t work if it is not done.
  • Hold all of the keys down until the Mac device had reboot again and you will get to access the startup mode.
  • Allow all of the keys to go first and let the Mac reboot in normal mode.
  • When users have completely logged out of the device, they simply need to readjust some of their system preferences such as speaker volume, screen resolution, startup disk selection, time zone information and many more are there in the list.
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Step 2:  Reset the SMC

Here’s what users need to do for resetting the SMC on their particular Mac device:

  • Shut down the computer first and then, keep the MagSafe adapter which is the power cable plugged in.
  • Press the “shift” option control at the same time which can easily be found on the left side of the keyboard as well as the power button side
  • Let it go now
  • Turn on the computer device first with the help of power button.
  • Once it is done both, just have proper check whether the problem is still there or not?

I hope all the steps will work out easily. If not then approach us at below mentioned helpline number

Apple Customer-Support

Dial at Apple Customer Number for immediate replies to all your issues

We are available 24* hours at Apple Customer Care Number for instant solutions to all your queries. Technicians hold sound knowledge of every issue from the core and helps them know the actual cause of the issue. Users are welcome anytime to help us know their problem and thus delivering the most right choice of solutions at their desk. Feel free to approach us anytime and we are right there at your doorstep.

You can send us an email and get back a quick reply from us. We will be glad to serve you the best services. Our helpline focus gives quick and quality repair assistance. Also, our professionals will serve all of you the arrangements and guidelines.

Moreover, you can easily call us at our toll-free number +1-855-242-5902  to get budget-friendly services. Our administration incorporates with the latest technology and best services to solve internet recovery mode error.

Our help gives a live chat session. Subsequently, you can share your all the technical issues whenever you want to. Our engineers guarantee you maximum accessibility.


How to Fix Apple TV Error 3905 Code?

You are having an issue with your Apple TV. Your Apple TV won’t connect to the internet. You are getting an Apple TV Error Code 3905 message, while when you are trying to hook the third-generation Apple TV up to your TV. Then don’t worry about it, the error Code 3905 and is relates to network settings, means there is a problem with your WI-FI. Many users encountered the same problem, and got the error message that says “There was a problem connecting to the network”. In order to fix the problem, you will have to check your network settings once again and perform some troubleshooting steps. Well, here the blog will guide you some very easy steps or solutions to Fix Apple TV Error 3905 Code, so you just need to follow some easy solutions, which are given below.

Fix Apple TV Error Code 3905

Solutions to Fix Apple TV Error Code 3905:-

Solution 1:- Check Devices Are Connected to the Wi-Fi Network

First, you should check, that the other devices are connected to the Wi-Fi network properly and are able to access the Internet. Also, check your computer or iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), etc, that they are also connected to the Wi-Fi network or access the Internet. Or else, you should try to change the channel on your wireless router and remove any possible interference culprit, which includes Microwave ovens, Cordless phones, Shelves, Chrome faceplates, Metal dividers and Doors on the entertainment unit where the Apple TV is placed

When all the possible interferences have been cleared, so then you should try to test your connection.

If the same error persists, then go to the next solution.

Solution 2:- Check the Wireless Security Settings on Router

  • You should try to check the Wireless Security Settings on your Router. In case, if your Wi-Fi network needs a password to connect, then it’s confirmed you need to enter the password correctly. Because there the password is entered wrong.

  • Also, check if there are no other wireless devices connected to the router, otherwise you may try changing its wireless security.

Solution 3:- Confirm the Wireless Router is Using MAC Address Filtering

If your wireless router has a MAC address filtering enabled, then you will have to add the MAC address of your Apple TV to your router’s list. Then you will find the Apple TV’s MAC address by going to “Settings”, then “General” and then “About’ option.

Now, check if the Apple TV Error 3905 has been resolved, if not, then go to the next solution.

Solution 4:- Restart Your Apple TV

You should try to restart your Apple TV, to resolve them quickly and easily.

  • On your Apple TV, go to “Settings”.

  • Go to “General” tab, and then choose “Restart” option.

  • Once your Apple TV is back on, then you can check your Wi-Fi connection.

If the same problem persists, then you should proceed with the next solution.

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Solution 5:- Update the Apple TV’s Software

After performing all the solution above, if the same problem persists, then you should try to update the Apple TV’s Software, maybe it will work to fix the problem.

  • First of all, connect your Apple TV to the wireless router via using an Ethernet cable.

  • On your Apple TV, you have to go to “Settings” section.

  • Go to “General” tab, and then choose “Restart” Update Software” option.

  • Now check if there is an available update, then choose “Update Now” button, and then wait for some time until the update process is downloaded and applied.

  • NOTE: you can update directly from the Apple TV that takes several minutes.

  • Next, disconnect the Apple TV from the wireless router’s Ethernet port, and then try connecting to the Wi-Fi network again.

Solution 6:- Update Your Wireless Router’s Firmware

You should need to update the firmware of your wireless router to the latest version available. You may refer to your wireless router’s documentation for further instructions. If you are using an Air Port Base Station, then get the easy instructions for update firmware by connecting Apple tech support team.

Apple Customer-Support

Call us at Apple Support Phone Number to Reach with Professionals:-

You can call at Apple Support Phone Number +1-855-242-5902 to instantly connect with the team of our Apple customer support professionals, who are very talented and experienced in fixing the Apple product’s issues. The proficient experts will give you extensive guidance & the best techniques to fix this error quickly. Hence, you can also get the hasty customer service & solutions to fix other types of Apple TV technical issues or error. Hence, dial the number, which is toll-free and available 24×7 for your help or queries associated Apple devices.


How to Find IP Address in Mac- Apple Technical Support

If you are searching a simple step that how you can Find Your IP Address in Mac OS, then your search ends here. We will describe here the complete process. Well, finding an IP Address on your Mac OS is not a difficult task, you can easily do it.

How To Find IP Address On Mac | Avail Easy Hacks In Your Budget

While using Mac, users go through numerous issues. How To Find IP Address On Mac is a common question asked by customers. When you connect the Mac to a network, it will assign to it an IP Address which is a set of four digits divided by dots, with almost three figures per set.

If you connect your Mac to the network or the internet, then it will possess a private IP Address which denotes its position on the local system, and an outer IP, which is the original IP Address of the internet connection you are using. Take a look at this article to learn how to find both the IP Addresses without any hassle.

What Makes You Look For IP Address On Mac?

The Internet Protocol Address or an IP address is a single identifier which is there in every machine in a network. The IP Address obeys two elemental purposes. As an IP Address is an individual identifier, it enables computers to transmit and acquire data to and from particular machines in a distributed network.

How To Find IP Address On Mac (Internal IP Address)?

  • Press the Apple symbol on the upper-left edge of the screen.
  • Scroll further and select the option “System Preferences.”
  • From the third row, you can click the network option.
  • Next, select the connection. Typically, it will be connected to the network through AirPort or Ethernet.
  • The link you are working on will show “connected”. Your IP Address will be there directly below your link rank, in a tiny print. Your current connection will be selected by default.

How To Find the internal IP Address On Mac Via The Terminal?

Start by opening the Terminal option. You can find this in the utility section of the Application folder. Next, use the interface configuration command. The standard interface command will display a batch of data which is not necessary and also a bit confusing. Furthermore, the interface configuration command will eradicate useless data and show the Private IP Address.

How Will You Find IP Address On Mac ( External IP Address)?

Step: 1

Firstly, open the configuration page of the Router.

Step 2:

More or less, you can access every router through a web interface where you can view and modify the settings. Start the web interface by registering the router’s IP Address in a web browser. Moreover, compare your router’s documentation for the correct Address.

Step 3:

Now, check the status of your router. The position of external IP Address varies from one router to another router. You will find the IP Address under the router status of the internet port. This Address is the external IP Address. If you execute any connection with the router, you will connect to this IP Address.

Find IP Address in Mac OS X

When your Mac computer is connected to a network, they will be assigned an address on the network which called an IP address. Commonly, an IP address is four sets of digits divided by periods, with up to three digits per set. That time Mac is connected to a network or the Internet, which will have an internal IP address that, marks its location on the local network as well as an external IP that is the IP address of your internet connection.  Therefore, often find a MAC address varies depending on the operating system version.

So, if you want to know that how you can easily Find Your IP Address on a Mac, then you have to follow the methods below to fix it.

Methods to Find Your IP Address on Mac:

Method 1: Finding Your Internal IP IP Address on Mac (OS X 10.5 and Newer)

  • First of all, tap on the “Apple”icon, from the drop-down list at the top left-hand corner of the screen in the menu bar.

Finding Your Internal IP

  • Then you have to choose the “System Preferences” option from a list of options.

System Preferences

  • Then you need to choose “Network“icon.

Network icon

  • After selecting the “Network”preference pane, you have to pick up the one option from the Ethernet (for wired connection) or Airport/Wi-Fi (for wireless connection) options.

Selecting the “Network” preference pane

  • Now your IP address will be directly listed underneath the following connection status:
    1. Under Statusfor Airport
    2. Next to IP Address for Ethernet.

Method 2:  Mac OS X (OS X 10.4)

  • Go to “Apple icon”, and then choose “System Preferences” and then “Network” option.
  • Follow the same pattern of above method1 from steps 1 to 4, until you reach the choose connection process.
  • After followed the 4 step, that is choose your connection, you can select the connection that you wish the IP address for in the Show dropdown menu.
  • So, if you have a wired connection, then you should pick up “Built-In Ethernet” or if you have a wireless connection, then you should pick up “AirPort”.

Finding Your Internal IP

  • Then you have to hit on the “TCP/IP” tab, where your IP address will be listed in the settings window. 

Method 3: Finding Your Internal IP Using the Terminal

  • First of all, open the Terminal on your Mac.

Finding Your Internal IP Using the Terminal

  • Then you have to use the following ifconfig command.
  • “ifconfig | grep “inet ” | grep -v”
  • Make sure that this command removes the entry, which will always show regardless of the system that you are using.

command removes the entry

  • Then you need to copy your IP address, which will be displayed next to the “inet” entry.

For any further queries related to Mac technical errors or issues, do call us at our Mac technical Support +1-855-242-5902 for prompt support & solutions.

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How to use iCloud Drive on Mac, iPad, iPhone?

Here’s how to use iCloud Drive on Mac, iPad, iPhone. iCloud drive lets you store all your files up on Apple’s servers and sync them across all your devices. With the release of MacOS Sierra, iCloud is now getting even more strong syncing capability, by allowing users to sync their documents as well as desktop files across all the devices in an automatic mode. Sync a Mac downloads via an iCloud method to enable your all Apple devices like Mac, iPad, iPhone access to it is now much easier than before as defined by iCloud technical support +1-855-242-5902 (Toll-Free). MacOS on the other hand does not even have an easy solution for automatically sync infinite downloads, but yes there is an easy way to use iCloud Drive on Mac, iPad & iPhone. The best of all is that one don’t needs MacOS Sierra for most of this to function

Steps to Use iCloud Drive on Mac, iPad, iPhone

How to use iCloud Drive on Mac, iPad & iPhone
Step 1: Creation of Latest Download Folder in iCloud Drive

• Creation of a new folder in the iCloud Drive from the Mac device is the very first step here. It can also be defined as “Downloads” — though technically one can name it whatever they want it to be. As suggested by Apple tech support professionals, make sure that the folder is directly accessible after clicking iCloud drive rather than buried as a subfolder.

Step 2: Store your files in iCloud and save space on your device

• One of the easiest ways to move all the files from an old downloads folder into a new one is simply to get access to the folder and tap on the List view icon at the top. Next, simply click the very first item in the list, scroll all the way down and click the last item while holding the Shift button. This will clearly highlight everything in the download section. Next, simply copy and paste into the new iCloud drive folder.

Step 3: Changing the Browser Settings

• Once the folder has been accurately set up, one simply needs to change their browser settings so that every time they download a new file, it automatically will have the capacity to store in the new iCloud drive folder.
• Next, just close the preferences/settings option and then download an image or link in the browser to verify that it’s accurately working.

Step 4. Creation of New Shortcuts

• Once the iCloud drive downloads is functioning as expected, it’s further should be replacing all old downloads shortcuts in the Mac device with new ones.

• Users working with the MacOS Sierra, will probably wish to keep the shortcut under the iCloud Drive section of the sidebar. So dragging all downloads folder over and keeping it with the Desktop and Documents is now an essential part.

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How to Install and Setup Linux on Apple Mac : Mac Technical Support

Easy Steps to Install and Setup Linux on Apple Mac

The below blog is written to describe the methods of running Linux on a Mac system on the Intel based Mac without formatting the hard drive neither erasing the partition you have created.


Let’s have an eye on below steps described by the professionals working on the Mac technical support team for the following process of installing Linux on the Mac system:

• First, we need to download the latest version of Linux distribution which can be downloaded from the official website.

• Next, access the Virtual Box and download the Oracle (Sun) Virtual Box for Mac OS X. In the next page, just select Mac OS X operating system again to begin the download process.

downloaded process of Oracle (Sun) Virtual Box
• Once the downloaded process of Oracle (Sun) Virtual Box is completed, next install the Oracle (Sun) Virtual Box software.

• Open up the virtual Box and then create a new virtual machine just by clicking on the “New” tab which is located right at the top left corner of the Sun virtual Box window.

• As guided by the professional team member of adding a name to the virtual machine to help you remember everything about which operating system you are going to work with and then click on the “next” option.

• Right in the next screen, select the Linux operating system and then the Linux image which should be used as the version.

• Select the Boot Hard Disk which is a primary master and then select the “Create new hard disk” option and click on the “next” option.

• A user is supposed to expand the storage size dynamically.

• Once you are finished with this process, run the virtual machine to start the installation wizard.

• To properly select the ISO image of the Linux distro which has been downloaded by you, you are required to simply click on the “Cd-DVD ROM Device as well as on the Image File situated at the lower portion of the window.

install Linux in the virtual machine
• To find the Linux ISO image, just click on the folder appearing with the green arrow to search for the downloaded image. Once the process is finished, your virtual machine is ready to boot and will begin to install Linux in the virtual machine.

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